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The evolution that the use of websites has had in the dynamic universe of the Internet is impressive. It is enough to know that the first known website was published by Tim Berners in 1991, that in 1995 there were 20,000 sites and that in 2016 the number already exceeds the astronomical figure of one billion websites worldwide.

Despite the global growth in the number of websites, about half of small businesses in the US still do not have this useful business projection tool, The reasons that entrepreneurs give for doing without a website have to do with with these factors:

  1. High cost of development and maintenance,
  2. The site is not relevant to the specific activity
  3. Preferably the use of social media instead of website
  4. Lack of specialized knowledge of the staff.
  5. It takes a long time to prepare and incorporate the content.

The company website, in our times, has become a kind of extension of the business card. It is common that when we want to know the background of a person we visit Google, Bing or Yahoo! to find out "the good, the bad and the ugly" about her and, without a doubt, we will be very surprised to learn that she does not have her own website.

On the contrary, if the businessperson or professional who gave us their card has a website, then we will understand that they are capable of obtaining valuable benefits that we will combine in 10 powerful reasons:

  1. The site is a source of time savings because it reduces phone calls and personal inquiries (Visitors usually go to the “frequently asked questions” section)
  2. It can be visited 24 hours a day, every day of the year.
  3. Its cost is much cheaper than that of any other means of advertising.
  4. Generate referrals and sell products and services at a low intermediation cost.
  5. The BLOG stimulates social interaction.
  6. It offers a versatile catalog of goods and/or services online.
  7. It is an excellent platform to publish news, photos or videos of interest.
  8. The e-commerce system for online orders is easy to include.
  9. The corporate image projects the credibility and transparency of the company.
  10. It is the axis on which the accessory social networks of the company gravitate.

Therefore, the activity where your business is carried out does not matter; If you have a clientele to attend to, you will always need a website that offers the suggested benefits as much as possible. To be effective, the website must be perceived as a dynamic platform for generating referrals and customers. This is achieved only by allocating the necessary time to incorporate updated content that is permanently subject to the optimization process so that search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo! detect it in a timely manner.

Regarding the cost of designing and programming a website, there is a wide spectrum of values ​​that will depend on the degree of complexity of the site. From a landing page (“landing page”) to a sophisticated website with electronic commerce, search engines, and interactive media could be suitable solutions to various budgets.

If you feel inspired and take the first step, setting up your own website, you will see how your business life begins to change when you enter the amazing world of digital marketing. You'll create new links to other websites, develop your social media pages and groups, hire ads on Google, Facebook, Linkedin and other networks, and in time you'll wonder why you weren't more diligent in adopting this exciting process earlier. …


10 Reasons to Have a Website


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