50 million of people still expect the IRS send them your payment, though 130 million people have already received the money of the economic stimulus (CARES Act) approved by Congress before the coronavirus crisis.

By MiamiDiario Newsroom

El IRS confirmed that those who receive social security, retirement, disability, survivor benefits, or extra help, if they will get the $1,200 stimulus, regardless of whether or not they file their taxes, report Univision.

But the date to get the check may vary, because those who do not have a direct deposit in their bank account will have to wait for the payment to arrive in the mail, but also end of May or until June.

This is the case of people in the community for whom it has been difficult to access computers or who do not know how to use the Internet well.

"The check has not arrived and we are disabled, we do not have a computer either," he told Univision, Yara Williamson, one of the people waiting for the aid money for the coronavirus pandemic.

 However, the IRS has also said that anyone who prefers a quick deposit to your bank, has a deadline until us (Wednesday May 13) before noon, for register here on the agency's website, where you should update your information.

It must also be remembered that there different categories and groups, to those who are going to send the stimulus checks for the coronavirus in different times.


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