An investigation by a financial advisory company indicated that 7 of the 10 cities main for airbnb are located in Florida.

By MiamiDiario Newsroom

In the city of Miami Beach local authorities have tried to ban rentals for a short time, now a study shows that this town is the main city for people looking for a place to stay -for a short period- through Airbnb in the United States, he highlighted

The report made by the financial advisory company IPX 1031 indicated that Miami Beach it had 3.416 Airbnb listings per 50.000 people, which indicated that it is the most searched for of any city in the country.

Seven Florida cities are in the top 10 in the study, out of the state ranked 30 cities based on data from the third quarter of 2019.

After Miami Beach, the second place has it kissimmee thanks to theme parks, the rate was 2.880 listings per 50.000 people.

Then in fourth place is Daytona Beach with 1.108 listings, then it is in sixth position Miami with 1.034 listings, the eighth position is held by Fort Lauderdale with 1.016 listings, ninth place is occupied by Orlando with 988 listings and in the tenth is Hollywood with 984 listings.

According to IXP 1031 firm researcher Collin Czarnecki, he said it was logical that Florida had the vast majority of cities in the top 10 places.

Czarnecki explained, "When you walk into the studio, you think about the destination cities, so Miami Beach y Miami weren't surprising," he added, "kissimmee y Orlando they make sense because they offer a good alternative to large families planning theme park vacations who don't want to stay in a hotel. But other cities like Daytona Beach y Fort Lauderdale they are a testament to Florida's general appeal as a tourist draw, especially with its warm weather during the winter."

Despite its popularity, Airbnbs are illegal in Miami Beach, as short-term rentals are prohibited in most parts of the city, with the exception of a few locations on Collins Avenue and Harding Avenue in North Beach.

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