In a move similar to the Panama Papers, on Sunday a hacker disclosed information from thousands of offshore accounts of the Cayman National Bank and Trust, (National Bank of the Cayman Islandslisten)) located on the Isle of Man, a small domain of Great Britain that lies between England and Northern Ireland.

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The known hacker «Phineas Fisher" -also called "Hack Back"- He reported that stole data from thousands of Cayman National Bank offshore accounts of well-known personalities, he highlighted

It also published a manifesto in Spanish entitled: «A DIY guide to robbing banks"He himself is a very detailed tutorial on how it entered the financial institution's information base, and teaches other people how to carry out this type of cyber attack.

In addition to stealing information, documents and emails deprived of thousands of clients, they also stole money.

Additionally, the hacker "Phineas Fisher" proposed to give a $ 100.000 reward to those who disseminate confidential information considered to be of public interest about companies or institutions.

On Sunday, a digital portal for cyberactivism published copies of the servers of the  Cayman National Bank, in which, according to different specialists in the area, it could be the most important data leak since the Panama Papers of 2016.

Who has the information?

The hacker Phineas Fisher gave the documents he stole from the Cayman Islands bank, to the digital portal specialized in leaks, Distributed Denial of Secrets, which is coordinated by the journalist and activist Emma Best.

Distributed Denial of Secrets

Besto asserted that they are already more than 2 terabytes of files available with information from the Cayman National Bank. In the portal it can be read that with these data people will be able to have a "more detailed look at international banking to which the public has never had access".

Also the specialized site,Unicorn Riot managed to get the locations of more than 1.400 bank customer accounts. He indicated that he has 780 from the Isle of Man, 272 from Cyprus, 153 from the United Kingdom, 107 from the Cayman Islands, 51 from the British Virgin Islands, 12 from the Seychelles, 11 from the United States, 7 from Belize, 7 from Ireland. and a small number of other jurisdictions involved in offshore banking, such as Gibraltar, Jersey, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Barbados, Guernsey, Malta, and Mauritius.

Unicorn Riot reporter Niko Georgiades

Likewise, Unicorn Riot  He asserted that he has in his possession the list of 22 "politically exposed persons" who are in the bank's databases, including the former president of the Bank of Moscow Andrey Borodin and his relatives and Ariel "Ari" Emanuel, an entertainment agent. high-profile in Hollywood and brother of former Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

Cayman National Bank, file provided to Unicorn Riot

Other data held by this specialized portal is the detailed financial information on more than 3800 companies, trusts and individual accounts managed by Cayman National Bank for clients around the world, including account balances.

Cayman National Bank and Trust

The Cayman Islands is known worldwide as a tax haven. The national bank of this place, Cayman National Bank and Trust, opera hundreds of branches in the Cayman Islands, Dubai and the Isle of Man.

This bank is dedicated to offshore financial services, that is, in open bank accounts in a country other than the nation of origin or residence of the originator or depositary, in a bank domiciled in a tax-exempt territory to funds from whose source is totally foreign.

Furthermore, these offshore accounts allow clients to deposit or invest large amounts of money anonymously to evade tax.

El Cayman National Bank confirmed the theft of its database Monday through a statement.

In it they explain, "Cayman National Bank (Isle of Man) Limited is known to have been among several banks targeted and subject to hacking activity," it added, "A investigation criminal and Cayman National is cooperating with relevant law enforcement authorities to identify the perpetrators of the data theft. Cayman National takes any breach of data security very seriously and a specialist IT forensic investigation is being carried out, with appropriate action taken to ensure that clients of the Isle of Man bank and trust companies of Cayman National are protected."

The bank also assured that they have no proof of the loss of money from their clients or from the entity itself.

Phineas Fisher

It is unknown if Phineas Fisher is a person or a group. This hacker became famous all over the world after breaking into the database of the British-German company Gamma Group in 2014 and the Italian company Hacking Team in 2015. These firms sold surveillance malware to governments and intelligence agencies to various countries.

The hacker 'Phineas Fisher' speaks for the first time in front of the camera: through a puppet

With the case of the Cayman National Bank, it is the fifth time which Phineas Fisher claims responsibility for computer data theft. whenever he does leave a manifest explaining the reasons why it steals the information and the methodology that uses to hack.

In 2016 he wrote, "I robbed a bank and gave the money away," adding, "Hacking is a powerful tool to combat economic inequality«.

According to Phineas Fisher, "hacking to obtain and leak documents of public interest is one of the best ways hackers can use their skills for the benefit of society."

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