While the restaurants en many Florida cities prepare to reopen on Monday under the new pandemic rules put in place by the Governor Ron DeSantis that officials in some counties they say state regulations make it difficult to implement the new guidelines.

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Restaurants in all but three South Florida counties can reopen using only 25% of the dining room capacity, so reported Fort Myers News-Press.

In order to comply with the regulations of the state of Florida, the external areas of the Restaurants will be limited only by social distancing guidelines: tables 6 feet apart, each group will be a maximum of 10 people.

Some companies are already asking local officials expansion of outdoor seating. 

Restaurants have reported losses of 90%

In the case of lee county, for example, officials are allowing restaurants to set up tables and seats in areas not previously allowed, such as parking lots.

in daily Fort Myers News-Press published that the relaxation of those rules will remain in effect until five days after restaurants can operate at 100% capacity per governor 

Even those Lee County restaurants that have continued to serve during the pandemic Losses of 90% have been reported. or more since the governor ordered dining rooms to close on March 20.

Another problem that restaurants will face is the arrival of hot seasonBetsy Barnwell, owner of the Farmers Market restaurant in Fort Myers, referred to this aspect.

Barbwell asserted, "It's so hot. Most people he doesn't want to be outside much now. But it is something. We have to start somewhere.

Strategies to continue

For her part, Nadine Tarpley, owner of the Oh Sooo Jazzy Salon on the outskirts of Orlando, commented that her idea is stagger customers for never be more than one at a time. Instead of having clients congregate inside before their appointments, they will have to wait outside and get text notifications when they walk in, he said. clickorlando.com,

He also requested dozens of hand sanitizers, disposable capes, and masks in case customers forget to bring theirs. And it's reserving Sundays and Mondays for older customers and people with underlying health conditions.

"My phone is ringing off the hook and it's from my older clients," Tarpley said. “We love our clients. They are like an extended portion of our family. We want to keep them safe."

It's all an attempt to jog Florida's economy back to pre-coronavirus levels. More than 800,000 people have filed for unemployment in the state since the crisis began, many of them service workers or employees of the tourism industry.

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