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Advanced Maintenance Franchise Opportunities (Click Here)
Since 1998, we have been providing expert maintenance and repair, including mandatory Department of Transportation (DOT) maintenance, on a wide variety of commercial fleet vehicles. Franchises work within our superior operational system and share in the excellent reputation we have earned.

The Advanced Maintenance Benefits

The Market for Truck Maintenance is Huge
Everything you own was shipped via truck. 
  • your food;
  • Your clothes;
  • your furniture;
  • your toys;
  • Materials to build your house;
  • Car you bought from the dealership;
  • The roads you drive. 

Customers Love Convenience

Advanced Maintenance Franchise Opportunities (Click Here)Most commercial fleets take their trucks to fixed site garages to be serviced. They pay two drivers to drop a truck off, wait several days, then pay two drivers to go pick it up. The hidden costs of payroll, fuel, and downtime are part of every service or repair. 
When your Advanced Maintenance business services their fleet at their site, they save money and time on each and every service.  
Clients are Commercial Fleets
Commercial fleet trucks are important assets and they expect to pay to have them serviced regularly. 

Truck Maintenance = Repeat Business 

Trucks need to be maintained on a regular basis. It is not optional. The US Department of Transportation and the Department of Motor Vehicles in each state fines any truck owner who doesn't.
Minimal Start-Up Costs
  • You don't need a fancy or expensive retail space; 
  • Office equipment requirements are minimal;
  • Office hours are 8-5, Monday through Friday; 
  • You do not need to wear a suit to work; 
  • You can bring your dog to the office.

Strong National Brand

Over the years, we have established Advanced Maintenance as a great company for the national fleets to use for their service needs. 

Hands-on Management 

 The professionals at Advanced Maintenance bring hands-on industry experience to the table. Our seasoned managers have up close and personal insight into what we do and how we do it, and are eager to share their specialized knowledge with you.
Joining this accomplished team can help you get your new business off to the right start, with the kind of competitive edge you're looking for.

Essential Services

Advanced Maintenance Franchise Opportunities (Click Here)Clients rely on Advanced Maintenance for complete, expert-preventive, corrective and emergency maintenance and repair either on-site or in our shop.
We focus on customers who take great pride in their commercial vehicle fleets and who want their business operations to perform at a superior level of efficiency.
  • 85% of our services are performed on-site using fully equipped service vans with the latest on-board electronic diagnostic equipment, and EPA approved oil-recovery systems. 
  • Our emergency services are available 24 hours a day.
We recruit and hire top-flight technicians are qualified to perform US Government's DOT compliant maintenance and repairs.
These skilled individuals are key to one of our most valuable service offerings:
A Free Maintenance Program to track service needs and keep trucks DOT compliant.

Training & Support 

Two Weeks at Corporate Headquarters in Wilmington, NC
The resume includes:
  • company overview; 
  • Philosophy of customer services;
  • Siteselection;
  • personal selling;
  • advertising; 
  • account management;
  • Recursos humanos;
  • Job responsibilities;
  • product knowledge; 
  • vendor relations;
  • Shopoperation;
  • office setup;
  • Computer systems.
Two Weeks at Your Location, On-Site Opening Assistance
Two corporate officers will come to your location to continue training:
  • On-site assistance in setting up the office and shop;
  • Hiring service technicians;
  • Training personnel;
  • Setting up the computer system;
  • Opening vendor accounts;
  • Contacting potential customers;
  • Conducting sales calls.
Ongoing Support via Phone and On-Site Visits
Phone support for your questions is always available. 
On-site visits will be scheduled often enough to ensure thorough training, and dissemination of system-wide updates.

Franchise Requirements 

Do you possess strong leadership and management skills and the ability to communicate well with people? Previous experience in the trucking industry is not required to become an Advanced Maintenance franchisee. You must however possess determination, drive and a strong work ethic.

financial requirements

fromThat's it
Deductible Fee$35,000$35,000 
Real Estate/Rent$750$3,000
Utility Deposits$0$350 
Leasehold Improvements$0$750 
shop equipment$13,000$18,000
Initial Inventory$3,000$4,000
Service Vans$14,000$25,000
Van Equipment$19,000$22,000 
Office Equipment & Supplies$5,000$6,000
Grand Opening Advertising$1,500$3,000
Licenses and Permits$0$100
Legal & Accounting$1,600$3,000
Operating Capital (3 months)$20,000$40,000

Target Market Area 

Advanced Maintenance has available territories across all of North America with a specific focus in the Southeastern Area of ​​the United States.
AlabamaNorth CarolinaCaliforniaPennsylvaniaArizona
FloridaSouth CarolinaMassachusettsOhioNew Mexico
LouisianaTexasNew JerseyArkansasOregon


Advanced Maintenance Franchise Opportunities (Click Here)
Advanced Maintenance is a member of the International Franchise Association.   
Advanced Maintenance Franchise Opportunities
Advanced Maintenance proudly sponsors the VetFran Program, which offers initiatives and incentives to military veterans to assist them in their acquisition of franchise businesses.


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