Alfred Ramos, candidate of Democratic Center to Medellin's town hall in the colombian Antioch's Department, came to Miami to present his proposal with a view to forging relations with the businessmen of this city for when held the position of burgomaster.

By Cecilia Pachano/MiamiDiario

With barely 41 years Alfredo Ramos Mayan is one of the young politicians who have rolled up their sleeves to build a best Columbia. Son of the former governor with the same name, Luis Alfredo Ramos, and recently out of the Senate, (2014-2018), he begins to enter the executive political arena.

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with a solid training in management, marketing and business, in the private sector, wants to bring this experience to the administration and management of the city.

For Ramos without a doubt Miami is a fundamental hinge in economic relations between the US and Latin America. He explains that its proximity to Latin America and the high proportion of entrepreneurs of Latin American origin create favorable conditions for economic alliances.That is why he came to the city of the sun to invite them to invest in Medellin. "In Miami there are many entrepreneurs with investment possibilities».

For Ramos, Medellín represents a great opportunity for these capitals. "We have a big challenge," he says. “Medellín has a great challenge that represents the Venezuelan migration. We need companies to create formal jobs. We need companies to generate opportunities for Venezuelan residents and migrants.”

people of challenges

Ramos remembers the hard years 80's-90's. When violence and drug trafficking had taken over the city. It seemed impossible to shake off that bad experience. But at the present moment, Medellín has earned recognition for the way in which it overcame that bad moment. "We are one resilient society", it states.

«We went from being the most dangerous city, to the headquarters of the fourth industrial revolution. We stand out not only for technological innovation but also for our human capital.”

Who leads the polls as a candidate, insists that Medellin offers investors a privileged geographical location, friendly administrationand with the business community and service vocation. Also has 7 sectors with enormous strengths and opportunities in agribusiness, fashion, energy, entertainment, tourism, health and knowledge.

He maintains that his plan is empower the city. "Further strengthen human capital and attract investment."

It is clear that the Venezuelan diaspora is a complex reality that must be addressed with a multifocus plan. “We require humanitarian aid and investment. Must create formal work solutions while the dictatorship of Venezuela is defeated”, he points out.

Uribe and Democrat

He defines himself as a passionate democrat and in this new facet it has the support of the Uribista Democratic Center, plus a coalition of groups and organizations that consider it the best option.

He recognizes that Uribe has many powerful enemies, but he is not afraid that this will affect his option for mayor of Medellín. «The former president Álvaro Uribe Vélez is a combative man that fights for democracy and that is the object of the new formula of annihilation. They do not use weapons if not corrupt justice to morally murder. We are used to that by now. Uribe has risked his life for Antioquia and for the country».

Nor does he consider that the opposition he maintained from his seat in the Senate to the peace accords signed with the FARC will take its toll on him.

«It was not the ideas that made the FARC powerful, it was the economic power that achieved for drug trafficking. Time proved us who have defended that there should be no impunity for those who committed crimes against humanity in the FARC. They cheated us. We never thought that he would be given political participation. We defend democratic values, without impunity!«.

Hence, I question the superficial vision that pop culture, through the narcoseries, is creating from drug traffickers.

«They try to turn drug traffickers into heroes, that is superficial and false. They were the ones who planted bombs in the city. Those who made Medellin the city with the most murders. That's an image we defeated years ago."

Looking for happiness

Nor is he afraid that the pollsters are wrong. “More than in the polls I believe in love and in the enthusiasm of the people I meet on the street. Because they know we want to wear one efficient management to the city and what we represent the best of public and private. they know what we want end corruption and populism«.

For Alfredo Ramos Mayan politics facilitates progress, "and I am convinced that by leading with good foundations and responsibility, substantial progress will be achieved for all the citizens of Medellín, our city of eternal spring."

To achieve this, its government proposal is based on three principles: Confidence, progress and happiness. “From them we will achieve that Medellin is a more dynamic city, modern and vibrant, and that it continues to fill us with immense pride as it has until now»…And attract more investment!

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