American Airlines will open a new route to Miami Airport

The airline American Airlines announced that it will open a new route to the Miami airport, from the air terminal in Chattanooga, Tennessee, as reported by journalist Marissa Bell, from the web portal
Both the aeronautical authorities of the city located in the northeast of the United States, indicated that this opening will cover a need that existed in the community that needed to move to the "City of the Sun".

"Chattanooga Airport has been focused on securing new routes to meet the needs and wants of passengers, and we are grateful to our partners like American for increasing their offerings," said Terry Hart , president and CEO of Chattanooga Airport.
American Airlines in recent months has wanted to open and expand its operations to the Miami airport, after the Covid-19 pandemic generated large losses.
 American Airlines will have the flight to Miami on Saturday
The aeronautical company indicated that the Chattanooga-Miami flight will only depart on Saturday.
The schedule will be as follows:
CHA departure at 6:17 am | MIA arrival at 8:20 am
Departure from MIA at 9:50 pm | CHA arrival at 23:58 pm
American Airlines indicated that the route will be covered by a plane, Embraer 175, which will have 76 seats, including 12 in first class.

Passengers now have more options at the Chattanooga Airport with a new nonstop route to Miami. American Airlines will begin the new service on Saturday, May 7.
— Chattanooga Pulse (@ChattaPulse) February 14, 2022

Miami a connection to the world
For members of American Airlines, this new route will be a bridge for those people who will have Miami as their starting point to other destinations.
"Miami has been on our radar for a while, and we are as excited as the passengers to have this flight and the opportunities it provides for vacations and business," they explained through a statement.
The new route will be operational as of next, Saturday, May 7, the authorities of the aeronautical company indicated.

Miami Daily
Author: Daniel Parra 1:57 pm

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