Apple suspends the sale of its products in Russia

The technology giant Apple announced that it has temporarily suspended the sale of its products in Russia due to the invasion of Ukraine. The company added in a statement that it has also limited access to the Apple Pay payment system and has stopped offering certain information on maps of Ukraine from its Apple Maps application in order to protect the safety of Ukrainian citizens.
In addition, the Apple App Store will no longer allow applications from the Russian network RT and the Sputnik agency to be downloaded outside of Russia.

Likewise, Apple explained that last week it stopped exporting products destined to be sold in the Russian market, such as iPhone or iPad.
“We are very concerned about the Russian invasion of Ukraine and we stand with those people who are suffering due to the violence,” the company said in its note.
The company announced that it will continue to evaluate the situation and said that it is in contact with several governments.
"We join all those around the world who are calling for peace," Apple added.
The decision comes as technology companies have come under increasing public pressure to act against Russia.

Last week, Ukrainian government officials asked Apple CEO Tim Cook to halt sales in the region. "We support humanitarian efforts, providing aid in the unfolding refugee crisis and doing everything we can to support our teams in the region," the company said on Tuesday.

Apple suspends the sale of all its products in Russia
– CNN in Spanish (@CNNEE) March 1, 2022

Apple prepares launch in 2022
The company that will organize a virtual event, with the slogan “Peek Performance”, on March 8. Apple is rumored to introduce a series of new MacBooks and iMacs with the second version of its powerful internal processor, as well as an updated iPad Air and a 5G version of the iPhone SE that is its most affordable smartphone.
The invitations to the event, sent to members of the press, come a day after Apple announced that it would stop selling all of its products in Russia due to the invasion of Ukraine.
If the event's tagline is any indication, Apple will likely highlight the importance of its rumored M2 silicon chip. Apple's internal processor is expected to make its debut in a new 13-inch MacBook Pro, a Mac mini, a 24-inch Mac and a completely redesigned MacBook Air, according to a recent report by Bloomberg.
Apple released its first in-house M1 silicon chipset for its computer lineup in November 2020, moving away from years of using an Intel-only option. The company claimed that it was the world's fastest CPU and fastest integrated graphics in a personal computer. A year later, Apple introduced its M1 Pro and M1 Max processors in the 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro lineup.
While Apple typically launches its flagship iPhone devices in the fall, rumors have it that it could release its third iPhone SE after its initial release in 2017 and again in 2020. The device is expected to be powered by Apple's faster A15 Bionic chip. , an updated camera and it could eliminate the notch or notch that is usually found on the top. The next-gen iPad Air is also said to get the same A15 processor, 5G connectivity, and a new camera.

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Author: Patricia Chung 8:08 pm

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