The new outbreak of chinese coronavirus keep moving forward USA, the afternoon of this Tuesday were counted 5.826 confirmed cases and 97 deaths in every nation, according to the latest official data.

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The latest reports of the numbers of infected people showed that in the last 24 hours were infected approximately about 1.000 people from the deadly Covid-19.

Este Monday The latest official data reported by the different entities of the health sector in the United States indicated that there was 4.953 positive cases to the Wuhan virus and 87 deceased throughout the country, as announced by the news agency EFE.

It was learned that of the 87 people who died, 48 were in the state of Washington and another 12 in New York, these are the two states with the highest number of deaths from the silent and fast virus.

La Tuesday afternoon Upon learning of the new figures issued by the US health authorities, they indicated that infected cases increased to 5.826 and deaths to 97, as reported by the news agency AP.

Due to this large increase in new infections in the United States, the president Donald Trump asked Congress which streamline emergency controls citizens, he also arranged for the army to mount hospitals similar to MASH e implored the people -especially the socially active millennials- who stay in their homes to prevent the spread of the coronavirus that was born in China.

El Economic package proposed by Donald Trump to face the new outbreak of the Wuhan coronavirus ands approximately $1 billion.

This amount of money to solve a crisis had not been requested since the Great Recession occurred.

The White House tenant's request is that the money is sent in checks to citizens within 15 days, and also urged Congress to pass the stimulus package quickly, in just days.

Different analysts warn that the United States will enter a recession, and the current administration is dealing with a huge political enterprise that is still waiting due to the 2008 financial crisis.

The Senate responds

Republican Majority Leader, Kentucky State Representative Mitch McConnell, promised that the Senate will not suspend its work until they have found solutions to the situation that is occurring in the country.

Mitch McConnell

In this regard, McConnell assured, "Obviously, we have to act." He added "We're not leaving town until we've built and passed another bill.«.

The Kentucky representative explained that the first thing the Senate will do is vote on the $100 billion package of the Chamber that will be distributed in payments caused by Covid-19, emergency food for the population and free tests.

After they pass it, the bill will go back to Trump, who will have to sign it, despite Republican objections. On this aspect McConnell asserted, "Gag, and vote anyway."

The Billion Dollar Proposal

After meeting with Senate Republicans, Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, declared, "This is a very unique situation," he added, "We have put a proposal on that table that it would attract a trillion dollars into the economy.”

US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin

Another Republican senator, John Thun, representative from South Dakota, told reporters that it could be up to $1 billion.

Democrats speak

Senate Democrats gave their own $750 billion proposal, of which $ 400 billion would go to hospitals and other emergency operations in response to the China coronavirus pandemic, and $ 350 billion to reinforce the security network with controls for unemployment and other help for American citizens.

For the leader of the DemocratsChuck Schumer, “help must go to workers first,” he also indicated that the National Guard must be called in to provide security as communities recover from the crisis.

Congress is considering help from the Pentagon and assured that it would give 5 million respirator masks and 2.000 specialized ventilators to federal health authorities. Medicare immediately expanded telemedicine coverage across the country to help older people with health problems stay home and avoid infection.

According to the World Health Organization, people with mild illnesses recover in about two weeks, while those that have conditions such as hypertension, diabetes and are older than 65 yearsyes, they may take between three and six weeks in recovering. In people with existing health problems it can cause more serious diseases and pneumonia and cause the death.

The best prophylaxis is to stay at home and not leave it to prevent the virus from spreading further.



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