In the past week temporarily closed one pork processing plants of the Tyson company, located in Iowa and in 7 other states, this situation alerted people in Florida, who were concerned about a eventual shortage.

MiamiDiario Newsroom

Due to general concern in the state of Florida,   decided to interview some specialists from the Miami meat market to learn about the future of this product.

Marcelo Santurian, a businessman with South Florida Foods, stated, “You can close a plant which does not mean a catastrophe because there are many plants in the United States, At the same time, exports have decreased a lot in these products”.

Santurian added, “I honestly think The United States has enough raw material to be able to supply us and that we do not have any inconvenience”.

For his part, Mauricio Dussaq, from South Florida Foods, assured, “The people can't panic, there is a product, I think that in our store there has never been a lack of meat, pork or chicken".

Therefore, according to the vision of these large businessmen in the meat sector at the national level, the current situation that some meat processors have should concern Americans.

Both businessmen are sure that the food supply in the United States is guaranteed, despite the economic impact caused by the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic.

Of course, this includes Florida, and the market in the city of Miami, whose meat supply is assured.

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