Property prices in Miami will not drop in 2022 according to experts

Data reported last month reports on the increase in the price of real estate in Miami, where an average house costs 502.750 thousand dollars, this represents 11 percent more than in November of last year, according to Infobae.
Other houses can exceed a million dollars, since they are located in one of the most beautiful and comfortable neighborhoods in the city, such as Biscayne Bay. Taking into account the prices of the month of June 2020, in these properties the increase was 34,3 percent.

But houses are not the only real estate that increased, but also apartments, where one can cost an average of 346 thousand dollars in Miami, representing an increase of 28 percent. Last year one could cost $240.
Just as costs increased, so did sales. They are completed quickly and without problems. In the month of November alone, 1.168 homes were sold in the county. Similarly, Infobae announced that 98 percent of the houses were sold for the price that was published.
Most of the sales were made to residents of other states or even abroad.

Miami Daily
Author: Natasha Palís 7:54 am

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