Bitcoin leads the list of cryptocurrencies to acquire in 2022

Cryptocurrency experts have already started making their projections about which ones will be in the top 10 of the year 2022. And Bitcoin occupies the first place.
Analysts indicated on the website, that crypto assets will be much more active than in 2021.

Bitcoin for different reasons say the panelists of the web portal will be above its main competitors, such as , Ethereum, Dogecoin.
Bitcoin is trading well on the market
The cryptocurrency that was created by Satoshi Nakamoto, is trading on the market at a cost of $50,490.94.
One of its benefits and for which Bitcoin ranks first for investments in 2022, is that most investors seek to invest in the best cryptocurrency to obtain great benefits.

10 Most Profitable Cryptocurrencies to Buy in 2022
— Analytics Insight (@analyticsinme) December 8, 2021

Another point in favor is that people who invest in this crypto asset will have higher profits than others.
Rest of the cryptocurrencies that will be in the top in 2022
According to the report presented by, if you do not want to invest in Bitcoin, you will be able to do so in the following crypto assets in a safe way in 2022.
Current Price: US$4,335.27
Capitalization: US$514,48 billion
Current Price: US$160.88
Capitalization: US$11,15 billion
Current Price: US$0.8187
Capitalization: US$38,64 billion

Current Price: $574.55
Capitalization: $95,87 billion
Current Price: $1.00
Capitalization: $76,23 billion
7 Cardano
Current Price: $1.37
Capitalization: $40,93 billion
8 polkadot
Current Price: $29.18
Capitalization: $28,79 billion

9 Dogecoins
Current Price: $0.1786
Market capitalization: $23,61 billion
American dollars
Current Price: US$0.9987
Capitalization: $40,93 billion
The experts indicated that before investing in a cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin, you should evaluate the pros and cons and its volatility in the market, so as not to affect your investment.

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Author: Daniel Parra 10:16 am

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