Bitconers visited El Salvador: “Whoever has Bitcoin makes the law.”

The American reporter, filmmaker and former stockbroker, Max Keizer, better known as the bitcoiners, was visiting El Salvador with the purpose of investing and becoming a national.
Bitcoiner Keiser, with his wife Stacy Herbert, and Blockstream director Samson Mow visited Conchagua, in La Unión, where President Nayib Bukele promised to build Bitcoin City.

It is worth mentioning that Keizer has created its own cryptocurrency “MaxCoin”, as well as “StarCoin”; In addition, he supported Venezuela in the creation of the "Petro", the virtual currency promoted by Nicolás Maduro.
Keizer is focused on producing financial programs broadcast on various television and radio networks such as "The Oracle with Max Keizer" which aired for Al-Jazeera.
During a cryptocurrency event in Africa, he tore up a dollar bill in front of the journalist interviewing him, stating that the dollar was garbage.
He effusively affirmed that with Bitcoin he can buy any senator or congressman and also said that whoever has Bitcoin makes the law.
He stated “you know that with the Bitcoin that I have I can buy any damn senator or congressman that I want. I make the laws, whoever has Bitcoin makes the laws, we have the capital, we make the laws.”
The dollar event was in 2019, however, the video has gone viral in recent days on Twitter on the occasion of his visit to El Salvador.
Meanwhile, last week President Bukele confirmed that the government will present 20 laws for "innovation and financial freedom."
One of these laws would be that of Digital Securities with which it is intended to issue $1,000 in Bitcoin bonds that would be purchased by bitcoiners interested in investing in the country. Publication of El

Miami Daily
Author: Carmen Medina 1:05 pm

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