Yes, we are a little early. But it's never too late to start preparing to make the most of the offers of Black Friday or Black Friday that this 2019 falls on November 29.

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For those who don't know, Black Friday is what the day after Thanksgiving is called, and it's the holiday that officially kicks off the holiday shopping season. Here are some tips to avoid fake offers and how to make the most of the best ones:  Black Friday Black Friday viral video news miami daily

1. Every day is Black Friday

This basically means that on any given day you can buy a Bluetooth speaker for $10, a refurbished Samsung Gear Fit 2 smartwatch for $70, an HP Specter x2 laptop for under $400, or a gesture-controlled drone for $24. Black Friday Black Friday viral video news miami daily

Of course, Black Friday brings out a much higher volume of deals, but the deals themselves don't always top what we share in this column every day. And if they do, it's often for just a few dollars. Bottom line: don't get caught up in the Black Friday frenzy. If there is something you want to buy and you see on sale long before Black Friday, buy it.

If you miss out on a great deal on Black Friday, don't worry: chances are good, you'll see it again in no time. Black Friday Black Friday viral video news miami daily

2. Do homework

Suppose you are looking for a new television. You've heard that Black Friday routinely brings great TV deals, which is true. So when the big day arrives, how do you decide if it's worth standing in line outside a big box store at 4am? Black Friday Black Friday viral video news miami daily

Do your homework. And a great place to start is at the Camelcamelcamel price history site, which shows historical highs and lows for almost every product Amazon sells. Also check out Slickdeals Price Tracker, which provides basic price history for several dozen stores; just paste the product URL.

The more you know about the price history of any product, the better prepared you will be on Black Friday. Just be aware that those stories don't always include updated articles, which often turn out to be even better deals. Black Friday Black Friday viral video news miami daily

3. Don't discard refurbished products

Black Friday is almost always about new products. Not necessarily new to the market, but in new condition. And that tends to distract shoppers from potentially better deals in the form of refurbished or refurbished items.

Apple products are a great example. Black Friday is often the only day of the year that Apple discounts Macs, iPads, and the like, though you'll often see especially good deals from Best Buy and Walmart. But even those deals don't often match what you can get on refurbished Apple products. Black Friday Black Friday viral video news miami daily

I'm not saying you should always choose refurbished over new, just that you shouldn't overlook refurbished products in your search.

4. Look for 'filtered' ads from stores

One of the reasons I don't love Black Friday is that it's not as fun as it used to be. In recent years, almost every store (online and retail) has "leaked" their Black Friday ads in advance, sometimes even weeks in advance. For a bargain hunter, this is actually a good thing as it helps you plan ahead. But it also means that on November 24 there will be no surprises.

When you're ready to study all those ads, head to sites like y Just make sure you don't get bogged down in sites like Newegg's "Black November" which is nothing more than a list of daily/weekly deals. The same goes for Sam's Club's one-day sale, scheduled for November 12. It's too much hype.

5. Don't forget about cash-back apps

Pssst: There's a way to save even more money on Black Friday (and even Cyber ​​Monday, and any shopping day of the year). Use a service cash-back. the services of cash-back They reimburse you a percentage of the final purchase price. Black Friday Black Friday viral video news miami daily

BeFrugal, Dosh, Ebates, Honey and TopCashback are some of the services that will get you more discounts in many if not most stores (most are digital stores, but it works in some physical stores too). Dosh, in particular, is a good option and the Ebates mobile app works for purchases in physical stores. Black Friday Black Friday viral video news miami daily

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