Miami Municipal Golf Course would have its days numbered

Everything seems to indicate that the Miami Municipal Golf course would remain in the past, after the possible approval of the construction of a complex that would even have the new Inter Miami stadium. This was indicated by the journalist Miguel Putney of the WPLG network.
The mayor of Miami, Francis Suárez, indicated on Friday that the negotiations for the realization of the new infrastructure will enter a new phase.

"We have concluded the negotiations and now we move on to the next phase which is to take the negotiated agreement to the city commission," the mayor told a news conference.
Miami Golf Course served as training program
The Miami Freedom Park Golf Course is renowned for hosting the First Tee plan, which is approximately eight years old.
He is in charge of teaching children the basics of the sport, which is considered elite due to the high cost of its equipment.
– MLSFutbol (@MLSTOMIAMI) January 8, 2022

The golf course also served semi-professional players who were not registered in a club to carry out their practices for free.
Construction of the Complex must be approved by five Commissioners
For the project in which the former soccer player David Beckham is involved to have the go-ahead, it must be approved by four of the five commissioners.
But not everyone agrees and prefers to leave the Golf Course instead, as they have repeatedly stated.
One of the commissioners who is against it is Stan Blake, a former judge who was in the Eleventh Judicial Circuit for 22 years, and who considers it a bad deal.
“How many times can our commissioners and our citizens be fooled? It is taking away the only golf course in the city of Miami, which serves thousands of people, and what it is giving the Mas brothers is a million square feet of office and retail space and a 750-room hotel,” Blake said.
The Miami Commission could vote on this matter in a couple of weeks, as indicated by the specialists.
Even if it passes, he'll still have to win a major zoning change, so it's far from a done deal anytime soon.

Miami Daily
Author: Daniel Parra 3:04 pm

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