Letter to a Cuban in Cuba.
A kind Cuban citizen from the island sent an email to the Business in Florida office where he expressed his discontent because certain pages of the portal criticized the Cuban regime. I reproduce my response below:
Dear Sir,
Thank you for your kind e-mail, which I proceed to answer with the utmost frankness.
As a result of the reopening of relations between the US and Cuba that President Obama promoted, I thought that an impressive flow of business was going to be generated between Miami and Havana. With great enthusiasm I created the website www.Business-Cuba.com and I fed it with information related to foreign investment laws, immigration and the Mariel Special Development Zone.
In the midst of my optimism at the time, I traveled on a charter to the Island in order to introduce several companies to the local market. He also had the idea of ​​opening a consulting office that would act in tandem with "Business in Florida", channeling investments in two ways. After several meetings there, I was able to realize that the Cuban government had no intention of making its bureaucratic structures more flexible to adapt them to the needs of businessmen in the modern world.
Frustrated, I dedicated the rest of my trip to sightseeing and had a great time. By the way, I was favorably impressed by the “Alicia Alonso” theater and the Carlos Acosta ballet. I also enjoyed an excellent dinner at the Palada San Cristóbal, where the Obamas had been days before.
Upon my return to Miami I wrote the article “EE. UU.-Cuba: El Tango lo Bailan Dos ”where he warned President Castro about the opportunity he was wasting to attract countless avid investors from around the world who were waiting for an opening similar to that of socialist countries such as China and Vietnam.
From that moment on, I decided to shelve my project until the day changes occur in Cuba that guarantee transparency and legal certainty to businessmen. For the well-being of the Cuban people, I hope that President Diaz-Canel soon leads the necessary reforms.
Receive my best regards,
Alfredo Gonzalez Amare



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