The government China announced that will lower tariffs which had imposed approximately 60 products coming from the United States from the next February 28.

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It is important to note that some of the American products to which the tariffs will be lowered, they can be used to attack the Wuhan coronavirus epidemic, which has killed more than 2.200 people in mainland China, reported

Surcharges of tariffs on US merchandise impacted 65 product categories imported from the United States.

These surcharges were imposed by Beijing during the trade war between the United States and China.

Last Friday, the Ministry of Finance of the Asian giant reported that the tariffs will be lowered for the term of one year that will begin to be discounted from February 27th 2020.

Among the products to which Beijing decided lower taxes found different types of medical instruments, X-ray tubes, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) equipment, raw materials (different types of wood), mechanical parts and components for the aeronautical industry.

The first reduction in tariffs

Last Tuesday, China reported the first tax cut to American products, on that occasion he referred to other medical equipment, meat, soy and petroleum products.

It should be noted that currently the chinese hospitals you have shortage of medical supplies due to the terrible crisis created -in the country's health system- by the new Wuhan coronavirus.

This microorganism has infected more than 75.000 people, has left the Asian borders and has spread to some 26 countries.

China and United States they started one commercial war in the 2018, when the president, Donald Trump, introduced a large number of tariff surcharges to force Beijing to negotiate a trade agreement.

En january of this year, senior representatives from China and the United States met and managed to reach a first deal that could culminate in the terrible trade war that affected both nations.

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