Five locations in Florida make up the desired list of the specialized magazine Forbes of the 10 cities in the country with the best employment projections, among which Miami is not included.

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The long-awaited Top 10 is headed by the Cape Coral and Fort Myers area, located on the west coast of the state, with 3,9% job growth per year, while the national index only reaches 1,8 percent, reported Venezuelaalday.

According to the report, Cape Coral, Orlando, Naples, Deltona and Ocala denote the greatest growth in the job offer, mainly in the hospitality and real estate sectors, given the positive circumstances of urban and commercial development.

“The characteristics that make up the environment of Florida, such as a lower cost of living and business opportunities, together with certain amenities, such as beaches and tourist attractions, drive the aforementioned indices“pointed out the economist Edward Friedman, who studies the economy for the prestigious firm Moody's Analytics.

In fact, one of the factors that best represents the good or bad health of a city's development is the projection of jobs and Forbes takes it into account when naming the best cities to do business and start careers, which this year is led by Denver, the capital of the state of Colorado, followed by Provo, in Utah, and Raleigh, in North Carolina.

On the other hand, according to preliminary data from the state government, many localities in Florida forecast increases in employment rates, but no city in the Sunshine State ranks among the top 25 in the country for doing business and starting careers. Only Orlando managed to rank in the top 50 after reaching 28th place.

During the month of September, Florida added 252,400 new private sector jobs, putting the state at the top of the nation with a 3,6% growth rate, including 15,300 new manufacturing jobs.

“Florida shows a sustained increase that has consistently outperformed very competitive states like Texas, California and New York, even surpassing the national rate. All this has been possible thanks to the pleasant environment that we have created with the tax cuts and other attractions”Governor Rick Scott said.

“Florida is a job creation machine and is going through a period of growth right now,” Friedman said. However, the Greater Miami metropolitan area, comprised of the territory occupied by Miami-Dade County, is still not among the best in the country or the state of Florida, as the unemployment rate remains around 5,6 percent. percent, nine-tenths of a percentage point higher than the average figure for the state and seven for the nation.

Meanwhile, the nation's economy continues down the long road to recovery from the 2008 financial crisis that did so much damage to the real estate market and the international banking system. Since then, the country has been able to lower the unemployment rate to 4,9%, after reaching 10% in October 2009.

The 10 cities in the country with the best employment projections according to Forbes:

1.- Cape Coral-Fort Myers, Florida (3,9%)

2.- Myrtle Beach, South Carolina (3,7%)

3.- Orlando, Florida (3,6%)

4.- Naples, Fla. (3,6%)

5.- Tucson, Arizona (3,3%)

6.- Dallas, Texas (3,2%)

7.- Deltona, Fla. (3,1%)

8.- Phoenix, Arizona (3,1%)

9.- Ocala, Fla. (3%)

10.- Provo, Utah (3%)

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