8 weeks have already passed since the decree of the closure of essential businesses in Florida, this decision was due to protect millions of people full pandemic caused by deadly Wuhan coronavirus, but resulted in thousands of unemployed.

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Due to the quarantine to prevent the spread of the deadly virus that already has more than 820 deaths and more than 27.000 confirmed cases in Florida alone, the owners of different businesses had to close their doors.

By not producing money to support their employees, the owners of the establishments saw themselves orforced to fire them.

This situation caused thousands of employees to be forced to stay home to comply with the Covid-19 quarantine. Currently there are more than 700 thousand have applied for unemployment benefits, explained telemundo51.com.

El Democratic State Senator José Javier Rodríguez, he stated “what this does not include are the people who have not been able to apply, secondly, the people who recently applied on paper and thirdly, the people who work on their own or are contractors because there is still no application for them.”

This weekend several groups of former workers, who are now unemployed, protested demanding the immediate payment of their benefits.

Senator Rodriguez declared, "We have been asking for a retroactivity rule to protect those people who have not been able to complete their application due to delays in the system.”

According to the senator, he is now requesting to increase this payment of benefits as well as extend the period, while the health contingency caused by the Wuhan coronavirus lasts.

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