Tips to Avoid Scams During Tax Season in South Florida

Every year the personal information of many South Florida taxpayers is compromised by scams or unscrupulous tax preparers who take advantage of people.
With the start of the tax season, the IRS Criminal Investigation Unit is warning what we must do to avoid falling into fraud, reported Univision.

Tips to avoid scams
Knowing how to choose the tax preparer “Sometimes those of us who do this work qualify us for the value of the refund, and this is not the case. People should look for qualifications, referrals from friends or family. Look for credentials and that it is not an office that disappears in the year,” said Carlos Barceló, an accountant from South Florida. They also recommend asking for your Preparer Tax Identification Number, or “PTIN,” so you'll know if you're qualified.
Do not sign a blank tax return In this regard, Barceló says that whenever they are preparing the return, the person is told how much their refund will be, and they must make sure that this is the one they are signing.
Make sure you receive your refund, it should go to your account and not to your accountant. Never pay with a gift card or cash at any accountant or tax preparer office. The IRS only will communicate with you by mail, they do not call by phone, they do not send emails, and they do not call to threaten you. If someone calls you, hang up the phone or report it. Do not put your information at risk.
Do not respond with your personal data to text messages, emails or a social media request.

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Author: MiamiDiario JM 9:29 am

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