There are many myths around which Car insurance they are the best. Frequently, in public spaces we hear diverse opinions based on particular experiences and in other cases, we only get carried away by the instinct to follow those companies with more commercials and that for that reason seem stronger to us.

By Adriel Reyes Gonzalez

However, these subjective and experience elements or what our friends or close people comment on the most are not enough to make a good decision when choosing the best car insurance

It happens that sometimes only the appropriate part of the story is told and many people, for example, never declared that their car was going to be destroyed. use to conduct business. Of course those types of people are going to have a harder time when they are involved in a claim. But those people tell nothing more than the part about not being paid, and they leave out the important fact that they were underpaying premiums than they should have.

Others are also confused because they carry many years in the same company who tell them they are members platinum or gold, or any other category they have invented and yet they continue to charge you more when compared to others that are competing in the market.

In my experience, the best element to choose auto insurance is the coverages offered in relation to the price you are paying for those benefits. By law, insurers are required to respond to a claim within a specific period of time according to the coverage that was initially signed.

Hence, it is better to have 100/300/50 with ABC, a lesser-known insurer than 10/20/10 with the company that spends the most money on commercials on television or on the Internet. Don't be confused by pretty commercials or luxury offices that are paid with what they are charging each month to their auto insurance. The most important thing is the price coverage ratio.

If you want a better explanation or want to compare the insurance you have now just call 305-306-0097 for free we will help you with all your needs.

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