How to Penetrate the World of Digital Marketing?
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Suppose you are about to open a small pizzeria in the Miami area. It has already successfully passed through the Way of the Cross permitting and dealing with equipment suppliers, with installers, carpenters, plumbers and supplies suppliers.
With emotion, you are supervising that the employees you hired after a meticulous selection process, are impeccably uniformed for that sublime opening day. On the main counter he proudly displays four dangling legs of prosciutto di Parma and a couple of bouquets sent to him by his friends.
At the appointed time, seven o'clock on Thursday night, you walk with reasonable nervousness to the front door to admit the long-awaited public. Open the door and turn on the "open" sign announcing that Pizzeria Pepone is ready to pamper the most demanding lovers of Italian cuisine.
In amazement, you begin to feel a chill down your spine when you notice that, at 8,30:XNUMX at night, the first customer has not yet arrived at your business. He then realizes that with the pressures of starting, he forgot to implement a timely campaign to promote the store and, without wasting time, he decides to call an expert in digital marketing.
A Remarkable Campaign
Forgetting our friend from the pizzeria is usually a common denominator for many of the small companies that are installed in the world. The good news is that repairing the damage is a fast and very low-cost process when the marketing and advertising campaign is staged in the virtual environment of the Internet.
In summary, the campaign consists of advancing the following steps:

  1. Register a domain that identifies the business (
  2. design a website that offers ease of navigation and interesting content to visitors.
  3. Register the business and design the pages on Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Twitter and other social networks.
  4. Start the promotion on social networks to attract visitors to the website.
  5. Schedule the hiring of Adwords and other online advertising.
  6. Periodically evaluate management results and present the respective reports.

And, best of all, depending on the team that campaigns for her, the cost could start at about $500 if you hire her in India or from about $900 if you use local experts in Miami.
Advantages Digital Marketing
A digital marketing campaign, compared to traditional forms of promotion such as radio, television and billboards, offers significant incentives to small businesses. In short, the following advantages come to mind:

  1. Coverage specifically targeted to the target market reduces costs and maximizes return on investment.
  2. The orientation of the marketing effort towards converting visitors into customers oils and revitalizes the gear of the company's marketing and sales teams.
  3. The content that is disclosed on the website and on social networks solidifies the reputation of the firm, educates the consumer and strengthens the brand in the market.
  4. The results of digital marketing campaigns have the virtue that they can be measured in a transparent and detailed way.

To conclude, I would like to leave the feeling that digital marketing is an effective formula and moreover accessible to all pockets...
Author: Alfredo González I   Business in Florida  

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