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MIAMI. – I am one of those people who think that the oldest profession in the world is not prostitution but rather politics. For this reason, only a handful of those actors who manage to get out of the classic political theater script and stand out deserve my attention and respect.

Francis Suarez, the mayor of the city of Miami, is one of those characters who has begun to arouse my curiosity about the new modernization program he has proposed for the 'Magic City'. Let's see.

As mayor since 2017, Suárez has established clear positions in relation to the influence of climate change on sea level, the lack of housing for the poorest population, and the fight against crime. He has also shown in favor of vaccination and the use of protective masks against COVID19.

Business in Miami

Shortly after Miami will organize BITCOIN2021, the largest cryptocurrency conference in the world, Suárez led the creation of the Miami Coin, a virtual currency to be used in principle to generate resources for the municipal treasury, serve as a means of paying local taxes and cover the salaries of the workers of the Mayor's Office. 

When it is usual to see techno-entrepreneurs lobbying politicians to sell them an idea, in the case of Francis Suárez it is more about the politician convincing his community of the need to advance in the research and development of new technologies. I have been particularly impressed by the Mayor's sense of urgency to put Miami at the forefront of progress and make it a global technology hub.

Suárez's promotional strategy has gone viral in the business environment to the point that a wave of first-class companies moving to Miami is already being generated. When financier Delian Asparouhov tweeted to his colleagues “ok guys, listen to me, how about we move from Silicon Valley to Miami?”, Mayor Suárez did not hesitate to respond: "How I can help?"

And, in addition to Asparouhov himself from the Founders Fund y Varda Space Industries, have also been announcing their decision to set up their offices in Miami, Peter Thiel and Keith Rabois, founders of Paypal; Antonio Gracias, president of the investment committee of Tesla; financial giants Blackrock y Citadel; the conglomerate of Elliott Management and Carl Icahn's; Blockchain.comNew digital banking; Open Store, and Red 6 defense technologies, among other giants of the Industry.

Meanwhile Softbank, the world's number one tech financier, plans to invest $100 million in local startups while visionary Elon Musk has shown interest in building a tunnel under the city to relieve car traffic. 

Suárez's proactive management led the magazine's editors Fortune to place the young mayor among the 100 best leaders of 2020. With the accumulated prestige, there are two main challenges that Suárez will still have to face in the short and medium term.

One, Miami has been receiving over 900 new residents daily for the last two years and that has brought a boom in housing demand. In this new environment, it is to be expected that real estate developers will quickly execute new residential projects, especially oriented towards the lower income classes.

Two, The demands for qualified employment that the new companies will generate will force the Miami academic system to update its programs and adapt them to the needs of the new labor market. Subjects related to artificial intelligence, bioengineering, robotics and other disruptive technologies must be included in all new curricula.

The truth is that, under the influence of Mayor Suárez, Miami is becoming a model of a modern city where business freedom is breathed, less taxes are paid and even a pleasant warm climate is enjoyed throughout the year. From now on we can only hope that this fruitful wave of innovation turns our beloved Miami into the 'City of the Future'.   (Photos courtesy)

Original in The Globe News

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