Senate President Wilton Simpson and a member of Governor DeSantis' Re-Open Florida Task Force executive committee stated that the economic reopening of the state must be gradual, especially in the hotel industry.

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Governor Ron DeSantis' push to jump-start the state's economy after the Wuhan coronavirus killed more than 870 Floridians and negatively impacted the state's finances, must be gradually reported

Senator Wilton Simpson explains that in addition to activating the economy "it could involve problems such as space and the use of personal protective equipment to prevent people from spreading the virus."

wilton simpson

Simpson explained, "I think the key is not to step on the gas, try to go 100 miles per hour out of the gate, but gradually increase«.

The president of the Senate also highlights, “Even if he says: 'Okay, the first two weeks it can be at 25% capacity and two weeks later if the tests show that we are okay, maybe we will go up to 40% or 50%' . But I think it will be many months before I can return, you know that we need to have better therapeutic drugs and other things, before I can probably get back to 100%."

Simpson's Proposals

One of Simpson's proposals is that restaurants make a hybrid approach to start becoming more active, which consists of “continuous takeout orders and food delivery with limited in-store seating would also help farmers to meet the demands of companies that restart orders.

Simpson, who owns an egg farm, noted, "I think with the takeaway model, on top of that 35% to 40%, whatever that number is that will allow them to get back up and running, that way will allow the supply chain to mature at a slow rate so that we can be diligent as we allow it to ramp up,"

DeSantis: "We're going to be fine"

It should be noted that this Wednesday, April 22, in Florida there are more than 28.300 registered cases and it is heading for 900 deaths from COVID-19, despite this DeSantis declared that “the state has been able to flatten the curve and that the predictions have not happened”.

During his press conference Tuesday afternoon, DeSantis said, "I think it's important to tell people that We'll be fine. This is something we will have to deal with. But if you look at where we are today versus where we were six weeks ago, a lot of the predictions haven't come to pass. It doesn't mean the job is done, but I think we're on the right track. And I think it's because Floridians have really come together."

On Tuesday morning, the Governor of Florida assured, “many businesses that are currently considered “non-essential” will be able to reopen as the risks of the virus are reduced and if consumers gain confidence in safety.”

Members of DeSantis's task force are expected to hold a series of meetings this week.

The governor wants recommendations by Friday from the task force's executive committee, which is made up of southeast Florida county mayors, republican leaders elected by the state and officials of companies such as Disney World, Universal Orlando, Publix, Florida Power & Light, AT&T, Tampa General Hospital, Raymond James Financial Services, and Lockheed Martin.

Miami-Dade: More Outdoor Seating at Restaurants

For his part, the mayor of Miami-Dade County, Carlos Giménez, suggested the possibility of allowing more outdoor seating in restaurants, comply with the rules of social distancing.

He also indicated that the need for medical guidance is essential.

Other information given by the mayor of Miami-Dade is that "A separate task force will be established in South Florida that will include industry leaders and health care officials to establish standards for restaurant openings."

The objective is to activate the economy while respecting social security standards to take care of the health of the inhabitants of the county, which is the one with the most cases of contagion in the state of Florida.

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