Working from home will be the new norm for the bulk of executives and employees who have traditionally worked from office spaces. After the Coronavirus Pandemic, customers will understand why you don't now enjoy a glamorous space in a corporate tower or a friendly receptionist to welcome you. 

Meetings will no longer be held in functional conference rooms complete with donuts and coffee. The formula now will be to use video-meeting platforms where the work team can telecongregate or hold massive meetings at any time and regardless of the location of each one. 

Among the immediate advantages that this obligatory type of work brings, we can say that the time spent traveling from home to the office is gained; the cost of gasoline, parking and tolls caused by the use of the car are ignored; you save on clothing and office rent; and more time can be spent deepening family relationships.

Of course, for the model to work properly, it is necessary to enable the conditions for our activity to be productive. Consequently, to operate effectively from home, it will be necessary to have a work space separated as much as possible from the family routine, equipped with appropriate technologies. Let's see.

functional workspace

It is very important that with the new circumstances new rules of family coexistence are established. The work site must be located in a place with little internal circulation where the person who works does not disturb or be disturbed in the extreme. It is recommended, especially when you have small children or boisterous pets, to use headphones that isolate the user from external sounds and at the same time allow them to enjoy their favorite music. 

Appropriate Technologies

The fundamental supports for our business communications will be the telephone and the video conference system.

Using Google Hangouts, WhatsApp, and Skype will make it easy to make free or low-cost phone calls over the Internet. 

In terms of video conferences, the most popular free applications are the following: 

  1. Skype. This pioneering technology, now from Microsoft, limits access in its free version to 50 participants. However, the business platform offers support for chats with up to 250 participants for a low monthly fee.
  2. Zoom meeting. It offers different free and paid tiers to choose from. The free version allows you to celebrate up to 100 people.
  3. FreeConference. Excellent free video conferencing system for small international meetings with a maximum of five participants. No desktop software required, just have an international calling plan available.
  4. Google Hangouts. Ideal for smaller meetings using any desktop or mobile device. Video chat is limited to 10 participants. In the free version and up to 250 people in the business version.
  5. Cisco Webex meetings. It has several plans available. The free version allows you to hold high-definition video meetings of up to 100 participants with screen-sharing options and private chat rooms.

Finally, it is essential to have an Internet service that supplies the connection and download speed necessary to meet the needs of family and work. 

Final thoughts.

Undoubtedly, the change in behavior patterns in society will affect many people emotionally. To successfully navigate the adaptation period, it is necessary to exercise self-control rules, on the one hand, and synchrony and rapport with the subjects that participate in our work activity, on the other. 

And it is not easy to live in isolation and suddenly get rid of the rules of social coexistence to which we have been accustomed since our childhood. The time has come to reinvent ourselves and create formulas to reconnect with our outside world when the danger of Covid-19 disappears. 

For now, doing physical exercises, inventing games with the family, reading new books, enjoying videos and good music, and tele-visiting loved ones are not bad ideas...

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