Miami-Dade County

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Broward County

County Seat: Fort Lauderdale
Foundation Year: 1,915
Total Square Miles: 1,203
2018 Population: 1,951,260
People/Square Mile: 1,621
2018 Population: 1,951,260
Population 25 to 64 years old: 54.36%
Population 65 years and older: 16.62%
Gross Domestic Product (GDP): $96.9 B
Workforce: 1,036,212
Unemployment rate: 3.40%




    Broward County

    Broward County is one of three counties in South Florida that make up the Miami metropolitan area. In 2018, it housed approximately 6,198,782 people in its 31 municipalities, which encompass 24 cities. Broward is the seventh largest county in Florida in terms of land area, covering 1.322,8 square miles (3.426 km2). The Broward County Urbanized Area occupies 427.8 square miles of land and the Conservation Area 796,9 square miles.
    Broward County offers unique advantages for those who wish to invest or live within its boundaries. In summary, the most notable advantages are the following:
    Competitive advantages.
    Broward County is home to a number of companies representing major North American and international business groups. In fact, companies such as AutoNation, Citrix Systems, Heico Aerospace, JM Family Enterprises, Spirit Airlines and Ultimate Software, have their headquarters in the County. Likewise, the regional offices of companies such as Microsoft, American Express, Motorola, Embraer, DHL Express, Emerson, Marriott International, Ford, Magic Leap, and The Wendy's Company operate from Broward County.
    From aviation and aerospace to global logistics, life sciences, manufacturing, maritime industries, and technology, the area offers a strong infrastructure to support the growth and consolidation of the most sophisticated businesses. In Broward you will find the benefits of operating in a business-friendly region with a very favorable tax structure.
    Job Bank.
    The County has a strong pool of skilled workers who make up a broad-based and diverse multilingual and multicultural workforce, including many information technology experts.
    Multimodal Transport System.
    Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport (FLL) serves as the county's main airport. The airport is close to the cruise line terminals at Port Everglades and is popular with Caribbean-bound tourists. FLL is classified by the United States Federal Aviation Administration as a "major hub" for commercial air traffic. In 2017 the airport processed 32.511.053 passengers, including 7.183.275 international passengers.
    In addition to the international airport, Broward County is served by North Perry Airport, Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport, Pompano Beach Airpark, and the Downtown Fort Lauderdale Heliport. Along with aviation facilities, a world-class road, highway and train network, and the Port Everglades seaport, it forms an efficient multimodal freight and passenger transportation system that provides efficient connections to major U.S. and foreign destinations.
    Port Everglades is one of the busiest cruise and container ports in the world. In fact, it is South Florida's primary seaport for receiving petroleum products, including gasoline and jet fuel. A foreign trade area and office spaces available. The total value of economic activity in Port Everglades is nearly $34 billion annually. More than 230,000 jobs in Florida are supported by the Port, including 13,127 people who work for companies that provide direct services to Port Everglades.
    Global Link.
    Broward County businesses can take advantage of one of the most sophisticated and diverse international infrastructures in the world. The region has incorporated highly sophisticated telecommunications technologies that guarantee state-of-the-art global connection to users. In addition to being home to more than two hundred transnational companies, South Florida has the third largest consular body in the United States, with approximately 70 consulates and 25 foreign trade offices from the main countries of Latin America and the Caribbean, as well as from Europe and Asia.
    Quality of life
    For executives and members of the corporate hierarchy alike, Broward offers a high quality of life that includes a wide variety of housing options, excellent schools, and year-round golf, boating, and other outdoor activities. “The Sunshine State” allows for year-round enjoyment of an average 79-degree Fahrenheit climate. In educational matters, Broward has a wonderful system of public and private schools, colleges and universities of high academic level. Without a doubt, the County is the right place to promote a business, raise a family and enjoy the finer things in life.

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