Aerolíneas Argentinas hope to end the year with a deficit higher than last year, the president of the company, louis malvid, he explained has several strategies to increase income, including the messaging service that allows shop in miami and receive the merchandise at home.

By Miami Diario Newsroom

Malvido reported that in the new courier service there is already more than 10.000 people registered, the service costs 15 dollars per kilo and allows you to receive purchases at home, detailed

El President of Aerolineas Argentinas, Luis Malvido, said that other of the strategies that it will implement are financing for trips abroad and within the country, technical service to other companies in the company's hangars and finally becoming the base of the e-commerce in Argentina.

As to freight service from Miami which was previously exclusive to companies, is now also offer to the general public, in this messaging service it already has more than 10.000 people registered, it is called Aerolineas Argentinas Courier.

The company's website reads: "Through this service, Aerolineas Argentinas allows you to make purchases at the best online stores in the United States or another country, send it to an address in Miami, FL, USA and receive your products at the door of your house.

cargo business

According to the president of Aerolíneas Argentinas, expand the capabilities of the company includes 'entering the cargo business'.

Malvido asserts that they are currently in the conventional cargo business, which implies, "carrying large boxes from Mendoza to Buenos Aires, from Buenos Aires to Salta or from Salta to Iguazú."

Now they are venturing into a different business, which according to Malvido "means transforming ourselves into the nervous system of the e-commerce in Argentina, facilitating through digital systems that can be managed from a phone, packages that go from anywhere, we pick up at the customer's house and take it to the customer's house».

It ensures that if the client is a company, they pick up the parcel at their central warehouse and transfer it to a warehouse located in any of the cities to which the Argentine airline flies. Evil adds. "we flew, leveraging on the jet paq business".

Later he commented that «the other side of door-to-door is the international e-commerce which translates into the courier system.

Cost of service
Regarding purchases, he asserts that «All the purchases that anyone wants to do in United States, we do we pick up in miami and we bring it to the client's house in anywhere in Argentina taking care of all the customs procedures and charging the client what we anticipate that they will pay before making the decision».

The employer indicates that the courier service allows you to have a address in Miami, place where the products are sent, then the company receives it, quotes it and moves it to the client's house.

El national limit is 500 dollars, then customer need to pay extra charges. in the case of technological products or computers, they do not have associated taxes. Maldivian gave an example: "A computer that weighs two kilos costs $30 to ship plus VAT and other taxes, even though the price of the product is more than $2.000."

Aerolineas Argentinas charges 15 dollars per kilo.

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