The online jobs that have Greater demand are the data analysts and virtual assistants, while translators into russian are rising in the ranking of the most requested, reported

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Platform F, which publishes job vacancies in more than 1.300 professional areas, conducted a study on the Employee recruitment of more than 38 million companies in 247 countries, among its conclusions it highlighted that most in-demand online jobs of the world are the data analysts and virtual assistants.

Another job that is in high demand is ghost writers (people who are employed to write autobiographies, short stories, articles, novels, and speeches for politicians and artists, without receiving credit as authors).

It follows and is ascending the one of translator, mainly Russian, English, Spanish and French.

Another of the online jobs whose demand is increasing is the book writing and translation.

Interestingly, algorithm analysts, engineers, and mathematicians now they are not the most wanted in the field of virtual work. But experts in the field believe that these three professions will be on the rise again thanks to the evolution of artificial intelligence.

The five most requested online jobs are data analysts, virtual assistants, experts in the management of Excel and other Microsoft Windows programs, Data Entry or typists and transcriptionists.

According to Matt Barrie, founder and CEO of, small and medium-sized businesses around the world have transformed their hiring policies to rationalize resources and be at forefront of development and innovation.

Barrie noted that employers, “are increasingly looking to crowdsourcing marketplaces to create an elastic, on-demand, high-quality, fast workforce.

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