The city of Miami In addition to being an ideal place to vacation, it is also the destiny of many investors and entrepreneurs who see this town as a great opportunity to start a business.

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Among the advantages that Miami has to invest is that it has tax benefits that encourage private initiative and capital transfer.

To start a business, be part of a good idea and from there a business model, then to follow him with passion to make this dream come true.

El Beacon Council of the Miami-Dade County explain in seven steps the easiest way to start a business in Miami, if you follow it to the letter you can have your own company in this cosmopolitan city, he highlighted

Step 1:
Consider what type of business you want to carry out according to your objectives, a corporation, limited liability company, or another legal form that you consider pertinent is the one used by your company, the objective of which is to comply with tax obligations.

Step 2:
Submit the application to the Florida Department of State to enter your business into the system, in the portal of You'll get the information you need and the resources available to start your own business. There you will find details on business tax compliance, business registration, Florida tax registration, selecting a suitable location, international trade information, land use and permits, assistance programs, and industry reports.

Step 3:
You need to find an Employer Identification Number (EIN) for your business. In this link the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) explains how apply for EIN, which is used for tax returns.

Step 4:
Sometimes, some businesses are required to collect certain taxes, such as sales and use tax, which is then sent to the state coffers. To complete this step, you must first register with the Florida Department of Revenue. In the following link you can do it, Tax.

Step 5:
You must meet the requirements to obtain an occupational license called Local Business Tax Receipt Miami-Dade County and the municipality in which the company is domiciled. The documents you need and the registration form are at this link, Local Business Taxes.

Step 6:
It is important that you know all the requirements required by the county government to open your business, such as proof of certificate of use (zoning) or a environmental permit. It should be noted that regulations change depending on the sector of your company. In this link you will get the local, state and federal requirements.

Step 7:
Open a business bank account in your company's name.

If you want more details of this information you can consult the magazine AdvantageMiami of the Beacon Council, and you'll see how easy it is to own your own business.

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