For those who know retire from their jobs, are always looking for a good city to spend their retirement, according to the analytical company WalletHub, best place of the United States is Florida.

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For retirees it is essential to spend their golden years best and most calmly possible, in addition to being in a paradisiacal place they must be able to yield their money, informed

According to WalletHub that place is the state of Florida.

The researchers analyzed 47 key indicators to reach that conclusion, among other topics are: quality of life, population diversity, health care and affordability.

The study also looked at the subcategories adjusted for life, elderly environment and availability of medical care, had as measures scores that would add a maximum of 100 points.

However, only two states managed to exceed the 60-point mark: Florida with 63.02 and Cscented with 60.99, third place was taken by New Hampshire with 59.25 points. It is followed by Utah and Wyoming with 58.33 and 58.17 points,

As for those found in the last places are KEntucky, New Mexico, Rhode Island, New Jersey and West Virginia are in the last five places on the list with 41.89, 43.33, 43.49, 45.06 and 45.38 points respectively.

As for Texas, it ranked 17th.

New York, California and are listed at positions 42 and 32.

Florida was declared the state that best average obtained by adding the scores.

Mississippi is the cheapest state, but also the worst with life expectancy and the one with the fewest cinemas, an aspect that is considered when qualifying the quality of life.

While the three states with the worst adjusted cost of living were Hawaii, California and Oregon.

According to finance professor at the University of North Carolina and one of the experts who conducted the study, Courtney H. Edwards, "The tax rate to pay is something that we take into account and should not be overlooked when we think about retiring.

Precisely in the item of taxes to pay, Florida obtained the best score, that is one of the reasons why several millionaires have moved to the Sunshine State, among them the president of the United States, Donald Trump.

The average tax rate to pay in New York is 1.65%, while in Florida it is 1.1%, although some counties charge much less, between 0.69 and 0.80%.

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