Some tips on how to deal with depression effectively.

Against Depression, Action!

If life did not confront us every moment with serious problems of various kinds, we would be in Paradise itself and not in this earthly jungle. One of the great secrets of success in business is knowing how to deal with those unexpected material or spiritual obstacles that tend to derail us from our business routine..

In this article we will deal with the subject of soul conflicts. It doesn't happen to you, dear reader, that there are days when "one doesn't hit" and you feel that the world is falling on you while there are others in which everything goes "just right". This is due, according to some psyche experts, to the state of your "biorhythm," that is, your biological rhythm. How are you? What a find! Without me being a psychiatrist, but if I am a veteran of life, I believe that our state of mind fundamentally depends on the degree of deficiencies that we can perceive when we make the forecast of each new day.

It may be a lack of money or a pessimistic view of your achievement; It may be a lack of affection and recognition in the "short, medium and long term" or it may be a health problem that afflicts us. In any case, to achieve solutions to any of our problems we should first of all accept the postulates of the famous phrase by Reinhold Niebuhr: «Lord, give me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to be able to tell them apart.. "

Different human attitudes are evidenced in the difficult moments of life. In the movie "Titanic", for example, the different facets by which human beings manifest themselves in the face of adversity are shown; it is observed that fear, heroism, dedication and mysticism can well be combined in the same person at different times.

Dostoevsky used to say that people were neither entirely good nor entirely bad, but rather a circumstantial mixture of both qualities, and each one of us knows that... Now, knowing ourselves capable of anything, we can reflect on the times we have found ourselves in situations difficult and how we have faced them: Have we allowed ourselves to be overcome by the problem? Have we avoided it? Don't we think there is a solution? Do we keep hope above all? Are we working hard to achieve the goal?

For those readers who feel their willpower weaken at times, I propose the following daily exercise before going out to struggle on the street.

1. Read Niebuhr's quoted thought that must be placed in a visible place of our privacy.
2. Take inventory of the day's activities, separate the problems and then rank them in order of importance, from serious to venial.
3. Evaluate the solution and tackle, if possible, the most serious problem first. Whatever the outcome, we will have overcome fear and be in a better position than if we had avoided the matter. With intimate pride we will feel that we have "killed the snake by the head."
4. Focus on avoiding distractions and temptations that divert us from the mental programming we have for the day. This implies getting rid of fears and laziness.

At the end of the day, it is essential to take stock of the day to evaluate the effectiveness of this kind of «Method of the Will»: What was left for us to do? What did we do wrong? How will we improve our behavior tomorrow? And to conclude, I recommend using an artifice that I use in moments of weakness and which is none other than repeating to oneself the stimulating phrase «against depression, action!«. Record it, use it and you will see that it has magical effects against the problems that affect our soul.

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