Bitcoin creator obtained legal victory in Miami

Australian scientist Craig Wright, who claims to be the inventor of bitcoin, emerged victorious in a trial in Miami on Monday.
The lawsuit filed by the family of a US Army veteran who asked for half of 1,1 million units of bitcoin on the grounds that he participated in the creation of the cryptocurrency, reported Investing.

After more than a week of deliberations, the jury largely agreed with Craig Wright, a computer scientist who had been sued by the family of his partner David Kleiman, who died in 2013.
As part of the civil trial, in which Wright was accused of fraud, the jury, however, ordered the payment of 100 million dollars of intellectual property to the company that they had both founded in 2011, according to the specialized media Law360, which covered the trial.
This is a much lower figure than half of the resources requested by the defendant in bitcoin, the best-known cryptocurrency on the market.
“Not bad at all,” Wright told Law360, noting that he was “relieved.”
Ira Kleiman filed the civil lawsuit against Wright in 2018, who has claimed to be Satoshi Nakamoto, the pseudonym of the mysterious creator of bitcoin.
The Kleimans were seeking multimillion-dollar damages for David Kleiman, saying he helped create bitcoin.

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Author: MiamiDiario JM 1:08 pm

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