Many save for years for get a home, in the south of the Florida is no exception, however house prices attract scammers who try to get involved in the buying and selling process.

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Cuban Tres Guitar real estate companies warn buyers and sellers about possible scammers trying to intervene in the sale or purchase of a property, he stressed

Ben Schachter of Signature Real Estate Companies, on this aspect he asserted, "It's really not difficult for the bad guys to get our information and try to insert themselves into the transaction."

In fact, Schachter said that earlier this month, someone posed as a seller to a potential home buyer. The person had all the proper paperwork to sell the property, however at the time the buyer's title company applied for the social Security number of the seller, disappeared.

Schachter assures that when the person finds out that a supposed seller never owned a property and makes the supposed "sale", it can be years before someone can catch the creator of that charade.

Major Clark who works at Remax -a real estate company located in Boca Raton- commented that in December someone hacked a chain of email with your buyer. The scammer then pretended to be the title company and told the buyer to wire them the money.

The buyer transferred $65.000, not knowing that this was a scam. When she found out the truth, "He was shocked," Cark noted.

Remax president David Selre said the hacker made it look legitimate.

For his part, the real estate agent of Florida Best Reality, Christopher Tapia said that tenants are also being targeted by scammers.

Tapia claimed that someone tried to rent a property of his, taking about $5.000 from a potential tenant.

The offender "really has the code for the safe deposit box and showed the property," Tapia stressed.

What to do?

The three real estate companies recommend verify information to protect buyers and sellers. 

Schachter advised against relying on email or technology alone, it's critical that you make a phone call and ask questions throughout the entire buying and selling process to ensure your information is accurate and secure.

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Admission Beware of scammers when buying a house in Florida was published first in Miami Daily.


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