Florida has always been considered by many as a ideal city to reside, and it really has excellent places that adapt to the tastes of those who live in it, know what the best locations to inhabit and be happy for the rest of their lives.

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El sun state It is the third most populous in the United States, has about 22 million, being located in the southeast of the United States, always presents a excellent weather throughout the year, it also has magnificent job opportunities, highlights marketwatch.com.

Florida It has four geographical areas: Panhandles, Uplands, Everglades and Keys, residents can enjoy more than 600 miles of wonderful beaches. Among the best cities to live are.

Miami Beach: More than 92 thousand people live in this spectacular city, it has incredible beaches and excellent nightclubs and restaurants, it has the largest collection of art deco architecture on the planet, it is a town that is known for its fun but also has schools and more than 20 neighborhoods where its residents live in harmony. It was ranked in 2018 as one of the 100 best places to live.

Tampa: It is known for its excellent schools and great medical care, these are the main reasons why people move to this city. There are also several Fortune 1000 companies doing business here, attracting young professionals. It has an excellent nightlife, good restaurants and an incredible sporting activity, many like to ride their bikes through the nature reserve in the area. In addition, LGBTQ families lead a very active life and host wonderful Pride events.

Orlando: Located at the heart of Florida, and known as "The Theme Park Capital of the World," this city welcomes more than 55 million visitors each year. This town is characterized by having some 25 excellent schools and universities, it offers good medical care, and there are also multiple high-tech companies where you can find employment.

Gainesville: It is a university city, there are two of the best centers of higher education in the United States: the University of Florida and the College of Santa Fe. Medical care is also recognized in this town with the specialists of Shands HealthCare and North Florida Regional Medical Center. Inhabitants can enjoy both outdoor events and excellent nightlife, as well as a magnificent cultural and artistic environment. The economy is directed mainly to the education, tourism and transport sectors.

Coral Gables: It is located southwest of downtown Miami, it is known as one of the richest cities in Florida, there is a great commercial activity there thanks to the purchases of international retailers. It has some elegant restaurants, which led to its being included as one of the cities with the best food in 2015. It also has a wide variety of natural attractions, you can find homes from 600.000 dollars. There are headquarters of the University of Miami and the Baptist Hospital of Miami.

St. Petersburg: This wonderful city attracts people because it has low costs of living and excellent medical care, many retirees move to this town to spend their golden years more pleasantly, but it also seduces young people by the different options offered by its nightlife It is also attractive for lovers of the arts since the Dalí Museum, the Museum of Fine Arts and the Florida Orchestra are located there.

Naples: It is a city for millionaires, most of the wealthy people of the United States have residence there. It is a peaceful and cozy place, inhabited by about 20 thousand people. It has an excellent school system and excellent medical care. It is popular with tourists because it is located near the Everglades and the Ten Thousand Islands.

Port St Lucie: It is a city known for companies dedicated to innovation and technology. It has approximately 190 thousand inhabitants. Its public schools are classified as the best in Florida, it is also distinguished by sports training, it is a town that has the best places to practice golf in the Sunshine State. Also in spring you may be lucky enough to see the players of the New York Mets, who practice there at that time of year.

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