La 18 edition of Art Basel Miami Beach is one of major art exhibitions of the Americas, and is one of the busiest Florida, various new iconic buildings of the city were inaugurated weeks prior to this event, it seems that they were architectural works that are part of the cultural sample.

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After a long time of planning and construction, some of the long-awaited new buildings in Miami have finally opened.

For many experts in the area, the most significant completed construction is Paramount Miami World Center , Considered the largest construction project in Miami history, this building began to be carried out in 2016, highlighted

It was completed in March of this year, and last September the tenants began to move. This is a 27-acre mixed-use project with a 60-story residential tower. According to developer Dan Kodsi, who has called it "the most livened up building in the country," only 10% of the 513 units remain available. Prices range from $750.000 to $11 million.

In a nearby area is the incredible One Thousand Museum  Made by the recently deceased and award-winning architect, Zaha Hadid. This building, which began to be built in 2015, was inaugurated last July. It is a 62-story, 84-unit skyscraper, known for its one-of-a-kind corrugated exoskeleton.

It features 30.000 square feet of luxurious construction with exclusive areas designed for swimming, sunbathing, socializing, exercising and pampering. It has half-floor units whose prices are located between $5.8 million, up to full floor units per $ 20 million.

In another area of ​​South Florida, specifically in Sunny Isles, is the spectacular construction, Armani / House of consisting of 308 units and 56 floors.

This spectacular building opened in 2016 and opened to residents this December. It has 35.000 square feet of amenities, including an elegant restaurant and bar with ocean views, a cigar lounge, a 24-seat movie theater, and a club-inspired game room. Everything is custom furnished under the artistic direction of Giorgio Armani himself. Exclusive designed condos are still available from $2.9 million to $17 million.

Finally, the other construction of dreams that is already completed is Brickell Flatiron's With 64 floors, the tallest and most ambitious condominium tower located in the exclusive Brickell area, began construction in 2016 and was completed this year.

This luxury architectural work was designed by Luis Revuelta, it has a triangular shape reminiscent of the emblematic New York skyscraper, it has 527 units and its prices range between $790.000 and $8 million.

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