CARACAS. – In his delivery of Memory and Account in the National Assembly, Nicolás Maduro authorized banks to open foreign currency accounts to facilitate the payment of goods and services, in the midst of the dollarization of the country.

At the time, President Maduro indicated that the opening of accounts in convertible currencies would be allowed at all levels so that, for example, merchants could legally open their accounts in dollars and process their payment operations, duly supervised by Sudeban. He insisted that the dollarization of trade is a "beneficial safety valve."

However, the Superintendence of Institutions of the Banking Sector (Sudeban) agreed to prohibit banks from granting loans in foreign currency. He warned that they must have prior authorization to offer and promote their products, instruments or financial services to their clients and/or users.

Given this situation, several economists, including Héctor Cabrera, consider that there is a disorder in terms of economic policies, which in their opinion generates uncertainty.

“As long as there is no trust, there will be no one to grant credit. The Government takes a step forward and 10 steps back, ”she indicated.

He explained that there must be legal certainty so that people can invest in the production sector.

Likewise, he indicated that now the banking sector must have the prior authorization of the Superintendence and the Central Bank of Venezuela, to offer and promote its products in foreign currency to its clients and/or users. External source

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