USA: Christmas sales increase 8.5% in 2021

Christmas sales in the United States had their biggest increase in 17 years, despite inflation, shortages of some products and the new variant of the coronavirus, according to a specialized firm.
Mastercard Spending Pulse, which tracks all types of spending including credit and debit cards, reported Sunday that holiday sales were up 8,5% from a year earlier. The firm had anticipated a 7,4% increase.

The results, which cover November 1 through December 24, were driven mostly by clothing and jewelry purchases.
Sales increased 10,7% compared to what they were just before the pandemic, in 2019.
By category, clothing sales increased by 47%, jewelry 32% and electronics 16%. Online sales increased 11% compared to the previous year and 61% compared to 2019.
Department store sales were up 21% from a year earlier.
After the emergence of the omicron variant, many people stayed at home, but did their shopping online, and thus the overall sales figure continued to increase.
Characteristics of consumption in the US
Consumers Shopped Early: Continuing a key trend from 2020, US consumers shopped earlier than in previous years as retailers offered specials early and then later in the season.
Thanksgiving weekend continued to be key: Black Friday once again marked the biggest spending day of the 2021 holiday season. During Thanksgiving weekend which runs from Friday, November 26 through On Sunday, November 28, shoppers increased US Retail Sales +14.1% YoY.
Store sales also rebounded, rising +16,5% YoY, while e-commerce sales saw sustained growth, +4,9% YoY.
E-commerce sales increased tremendously: This holiday season, e-commerce accounted for 20,9% of total retail sales, up from 20,6% in 2020 and 14,6% in 2019.
A broader picture of US sales will be available next month when the National Retail Federation releases its results for the previous two months.

Miami Daily
Author: Patricia Chung 4:25 pm

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