73% of cryptocurrency consumers plan their purchase in less than two years

A study carried out by Capterra has indicated the opinions of users in the world of cryptocurrencies and digital money, reported the EFE Agency.
The data provided by the same study shows that 89 percent of cryptocurrency users in the European country are those who buy cryptocurrencies themselves on platforms such as Binance or Kraken.

The main currencies purchased on these portals are Ether, Bitcoin and Cardano, as well as future currencies to be purchased by those who have not yet done so.
During the month of October, Capterra conducted a virtual survey of 977 Spanish participants, over 18 years of age who have knowledge in the world of virtual wallets.
Increase in the pandemic
Interest from new users has increased in the pandemic, and 65 percent of respondents are using or planning to use cryptocurrencies, which is why 32 percent are buying them since the start of the pandemic.
29 percent use them because of the good projections that the currency reflects in a given time and 23 percent because they have more time to study cryptocurrencies.
Similarly, 73 percent of those surveyed plan to purchase and use these digital currencies in a period of six months to two years, this is equivalent to 19 percent. However, 23 percent still don't know which currency they will buy.

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Author: Natasha Palís 3:56 pm

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