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WASHINGTON. –The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) reported that it is in contact with the State Department to achieve a "public and private partnership" to promote the investment strategy in the Northern Triangle of Central America, proposed by the administration of President Biden.

"We are ready to help President Biden and his government in this regard," said the entity's president, Mauricio Claver-Carone, in statements to the Voice of America.

The manager explained that, among the advances of these meetings, they made a "comparison" of similar programs implemented by other administrations, such as 'América Crece', which It was promoted by himself during the government of Donald Trump.

"For North American taxpayers it is better that the bank contributes, since they save almost a tenth of each dollar they contribute in foreign aid," he said.

The White House presented an ambitious bill which includes an investment strategy of 4.000 million dollars over a period of four years to attack the “fundamental causes” of the Central American migratory flow towards the United States.

According to Claver-Carone, the multilateral entity has already "planted the roots" in this sense with the investment of almost 2.000 million dollars in a reconstruction plan for El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras, presented two weeks ago.

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