El unemployment it is a difficult situation for any person, what many do not know is that they have state and federal benefits, in this article we tell you what they are.

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The people who are independent workers, that is, they work on their own, and place it in the state form, you are not entitled to benefits, that is important for you to know, informed telemundo51.com.

Manny Diaz Jr.

However, the Republican senator Manny Diaz Jr.. explained that it is a good news because self-employed workers can “qualify for the federal funds".

Manny Diaz jr works -at the moment- with the new director of florida unemployment services to clear up much of the general confusion.

The senator explained that the Florida Unemployment Service “They are going to launch a site specifically for those people who are independent contractors, the information that is input to the regular system is going to be transmitted to that system so you don't have to do the work twice.”

What are federal funds?

Federal unemployment funds are $600 weekly granted to the beneficiary for the period of time 12 weeks, which were approved by the federal government on March 29 under the Cares Act.

donna shalala

For her part, the Federal Congresswoman donna shalala She says she is very frustrated that the federal funds have not yet been distributed.

However, according to Manny Díaz Jr., eligible independent workers are those with low wages, andThey can receive both benefits: federal and state

Díaz Jr. explained. "The regular employee who receives a weekly check or twice a month, that employee, is integrated into the system and must receive both."

Which implies that the independent worker "would receive $275.00 from the state and $600.00 from the federal government. But the 600 dollars will be received only from March 29 when they were approved.

That way, the applicant who is approved for the benefit after March 29 will receive the $600 for 12 weeks in addition to the $275.

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