the republican governor Ron DeSantis since the cases of those infected by the new strain of coronavirus began to rise in Florida, it is trying to protect residents vulnerable to the microorganism already the economy rapidly declining state of 21 million people.

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Precisely what DeSantis is trying to do is what the other 49 US governors are doing. and President Donald Trump.

Florida is an example of serious problem facing other states, has a high population density, of which a huge percentage are third and fourth age people, which are particularly vulnerable to the coronavirus, and has a thriving economy that is slowing due to the loss of hundreds of thousands of jobs.

According to the analysis carried out , "the success or failure of the Republican governor's decisions could have major consequences for the national economic recovery, not to mention the presidential election. No state is more central to the re-election of the president donald trump» like Florida.

According to some analysts critical of DeSantis, they say that the Florida governor depends a lot on how his actions could reflect on the president, or affect his relationship with Trump.

Democratic state representative Anna eskamani  he stated, "I don't think Ron DeSantis makes decisions without consulting with the president, or those close to the president."

Similarities with Trump

Like Donald Trump, Ron DeSantis does not want to impose a statewide shutdown like New York, California and Illinois have done. 

Instead, DeSantis has suggested that restrictive measures be applied only in the most affected counties. His argument is that to do otherwise "could cost hundreds of thousands of Floridians their jobs." almost a third of Florida counties have had no cases of COVID-19, but most are small and rural.

What was the strongest decision?

For most people, the new coronavirus causes mild or moderate symptoms, such as fever and cough, that go away in two to three weeks.

For some, especially older adults and people with existing health problems, it can cause more serious illness, including pneumonia and death. The vast majority of people recover.

DeSantis' most controversial decision came earlier this week, when he issued an executive order requiring anyone entering the state from the New York metropolitan area, which has seen the nation's largest virus spike, self-isolate for 14 dayss.

The site indicates that the  “Links between Florida and New York run deep. The NNew Yorkers are the largest source of new Floridians. In 2018, the most recent year for which numbers are available, more than 63.000 New Yorkers immigrated to the Sunshine State."

On Tuesday, the federal government implemented the same order across the country for those traveling from the New York City metro area.

What are the state measures to stop the coronavirus?

Among the measures DeSantis has taken to control the spread of the virus in Florida are the closure of parks, bars and gyms; eliminate visits to nursing homes; and limit to restaurants only to prepare food to go and deliver. 

The last action he took was  close beaches in two counties from South Florida. 


However, DeSantis has left important decisions to the mayors of the counties and cities. This way of acting has generated from criticism to praise.

Orange County Rep. Anna Eskamani, Democrat, joined Democratic Agriculture Commissioner, NikkiFried, to call for a state shutdown.

Nikki Fried

In this regard, Eskamani asserted, "We cannot solve the health economic crisis without fixing the public health crisis."

Meanwhile, business owners are trying to follow DeSantis's often conflicting directives while trying to keep the economy as active as possible.

Mike Harting , owner of 3 Daughters Brewing in St. Petersburg, commented, "DeSantis has done a decent job so far in prioritizing the health and safety of residents," but would like him to help small businesses engage with banks.

He added, "I appreciate your leadership, are any of these the right calls? I have no idea, and none of us will know until this is done. The important thing is that he is taking action."

Harting said the industry state services was particularly affected when DeSantis ordered that all restaurants and bars provide pick-up or delivery only, a decision that he said he understood but, nevertheless, forced him to lay off all 57 employees.

On the impact of the coronavirus on the country's economy, Harting said: "The economic crisis that is going to come behind all this is just as big, if not more devastating.

MeanwhileMike Van de Abbeel , the owner of Mosaic Hair Studio in Orlando, echoed other business owners' frustration with the mosaic of regulations.

"We can plan things that we know," he said. “We can't plan things we don't know. What does the opening look like again?

For now, Van de Abeel decided to stay open. He has placed a sink and hand-washing station at the front door of the salon and keeps customers more than 6 feet (2 meters) apart.

DeSantis acknowledged these concerns this week when he said 21,000 Floridians have filed for unemployment.

For this reason, the governor of Florida declared “Clearly we have to do something about the virus, but there is no way that a nine-month closure is sustainable.”

It culminated with the phrase, "Let's protect people who might be in danger. Let's make society work."

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