The coronavirus pandemic has shown that not all people have the possibility of take refuge in their homes to avoid contagion of the dangerous virus, as published techcrunch

By Miami Diario Newsroom

It has been proven that the more time we spend in our homes, the workers who are responsible for bringing products and supplies to our doors will be at greater risk.

The company Amazon confirmed this Saturday that an employee in its fulfillment center of Queens, New York, tested positive for the new coronavirus. In connection with the notification of the case, the company sent text messages to the employees of the aforementioned facility.

The text obtained by The Atlantic reads: "We are writing to inform you that a positive case of the coronavirus (COVID-19) was detected at our facility today."

One thing to consider is that it may be the first case reported at the company's facilities, but it is almost certain that it will not be the last.

Despite the fact that companies encourage their workers to stay home, many do not heed the call and decide to go to work. We must also assess the fact that there are cases of people who do not present the symptoms of Covid-19.

Amazon was reported to have indicated that workers at the DBK1 facility were sent home, while the sorting facility was disinfected.

Amazon has denied the information that shows that it was waiting for the income of night shift employees.

The truth is that the company has been forced to limit certain shipments, including non-essentials through its Fulfillment by Amazon program. It has also had to temporarily pause its Prime Pantry service.

With information of: techcrunch

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