After the start of Wuhan coronavirus epidemic, the countries did not know what to do to stop the rapid and certain advance of the microorganism, the World Health Organization recommended the voluntary social isolation and quarantine.

Thousands of businesses had to close in different places of the United States observing that the health situation went from an epidemic to a pandemic -which currently affects more than 178 countries-

The closures affected companies in all corners of the country, from the people who deal the blackjack cards in Las Vegas, to the employees of the parks in the city of Orlando, to the workers of hotels, restaurants and bars across the country.

This implies that the wuhan coronavirus In addition to affecting the health and sanitary system of the United States, is also impacting the economy of one of the world's leading powers.

What will happen to the entertainment industry?

Addition tourism sector, another area that will be greatly affected is the entertainment industry. In fact, according to experts, they believe that in this sector nearly 120.000 jobs will be lost.

According to Variety, this figure refers to 80% of workers in the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees, (Iatse), which is the majority union of technicians, operators and artisans in the entertainment industry.

But it also includes those who work in theater, such as film and television producers.

latse made a statement indicating how terrible the situation is. He asserted, "The pandemic lockdown triggers 120.000 job losses for our 150.000 members. It is critical that our industry be included in the pending federal aid package."

In the statement he reflects, "Although some of our members are paid up to two weeks after the closure of their shows, due to the health crisis we are now facing it is very unlikely that the productions resume soon«.

the organization details, "It is likely that this problem continue for months, not weeks. Our concerns about health, benefits and financial stability are shared by all of our members. The health, safety and well-being of their families are paramount to us."

The site Variety He also referred to the loss of several companies on the stock market, such as ViacomCBS, whose shares plummeted, a fact they had not seen since 2010.

Another case was the theme parks operated by Disney and NBCUniversal, which closed without their staff, or the 50 employees of the SXSW film festival, also canceled.

With movie theaters closing in Los Angeles and New York, as well as abroad, more jobs may be lost.

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