Many people want live in the united states, some achieve it and others do not, but achieving that goal is easier when it is well oriented and advised, since in this way it does not carry out illegal actions that can even cause the loss of its visa or deportation, as stated by the portal of information

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The reality is that having a good legal advice and own the money enough it is easier to carry out immigration procedures and of course buy a house, an excellent consultation in the area will ensure that those interested can acquire a property with a tourist visa.

There are different property types that can be purchased in the United States, but the laws of the country are very rigorous when analyzing the reasons why a person wants to acquire a property.

Even the requirements change depending on the kind of property that you want to buy, it is not the same to acquire a property to live in it or to place a business that generates profit or to undertake a commercial enterprise.

Note that buying a Do you know how much is your house worth of any type It is not a guarantee to obtain the residence card permanent in the United States by investment, but it is an important aspect -once the corresponding legal requirements have been processed and fulfilled- so that they take it into account when deciding the eligibility of a person.

According to the portal with the tourist visa you can buy houses, rustic farms and condominiums. It is not necessary to pay in cash or obtain financing in the country of origin, since the banks of the United States finance as long as a percentage is paid as an initial payment. This percentage varies depending on the bank and the state where you want to buy, in Miami you must pay 50% and in New York 30%, but the amounts can change depending on the case.

It is important to note that in the United States there is a sales tax on goods and services which changes by state, county, and municipality.

The best way to find the ideal property is to hire a Real estate agent or broker, they charge their fees at the sale, not to the buyer of the property. If there are two agents - one for the buyer and one for the seller - they split the profits for their intermediary services. Another point in favor of the agent is that he can contact the bank with which he usually works.

As to tiempo culmination of the purchase can be closed in a few 30 days. It is not essential that the person making the purchase be in the country, since a representative can complete the process through a power of attorney.

Legally, all the money used for the purchase of the property can be transferred to the United States, the authorities check where it comes from and if it is legal.

Real estate agents advise that you create a limited society that is the one that appears as the owner of the property to avoid paying the inheritance tax when the owner of the home dies, which is usually very high.

Finally, it is important that you know that despite being the owner of a property en los Estados Unidos can't work nor be long in the country, since you must respect the immigration status that appears on your visa, otherwise you will lose it.

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