All in honor of two great people who have collaborated with this institution, even after graduating, in the case of Patti and Allan, two husbands dedicated to the business world in the insurance and real estate areas, respectively, who have donated millions of dollars for the improvement of his 'alma mater'.

By MiamiDiario Newsroom

A donation of 89 million dollars from Patti and Allan Herbert reached the University of Miami (UM) School of Business, for which said headquarters will now have the name of both, in gratitude. With this money, the institution will be able to advance in its fight to strengthen the quality of its education and even get into the list of the best 25 universities in the world by 2025.

Currently, there are more than $100 million donated by the Herbert family to UM. It was in this room, but around 1954, when they both met at the same school, this being one of the reasons for the gifts, thanking what the university left them both personally. It will now bear the following name: “The University of Miami Patti and Allan Herbert Business School” or also “Miami Herbert Business School”.

For Dean John Quelch, this benefits the entity, giving it a vote of confidence, also recalling that it belongs to the One MBA international program with other institutions in Brazil, Mexico, China and the Netherlands, having the commitment to "discover and program a transforming knowledge of business that helps achieve global sustainable prosperity", detailed the website news without.

Although in the first instance the tribute would be only to Allan Herbert, he decided that it would also involve Patti because their lives have always been a partnership, he stressed. “It is something very special for us. Here we trained, made friends for life, acquired leadership skills and met to become life partners», Allan said in his statement, referring to the University of Miami.

On the other hand, the former Mexican minister and current president of the UM, Julio Frenk, indicated: “Patti and Allan Herbert have shown an indomitable passion and deep commitment to their 'alma mater' over the past six decades with their support of a number of colleges, schools and programs throughout that time. They have always put the success of our students above all else and their most recent donation goes to help future generations.".

However, not only is the Business School the only one that will be counting on their names in this institution, because the Coral Glabes Campus Welfare Center has also been paying homage to them since 2008 and the donations, product of their generosity, have been benefiting the areas of music, medicine, nursing, health studies, law, education, human development, athletics, American studies, art, student affairs, and student relations.


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