The Florida Supreme Court will have to notify John Morgan, the attorney in charge of this new petition, before February 1 of next year if it will actually approve the possibility that voters can choose, through the ballot, whether or not to approve the new salary, according to CNBC.

By MiamiDiario Newsroom

The increase in the minimum wage per hour is going from strength to strength in different states of the United States, thus raising the amount to $15 per hour, where Florida could be the next to approve that this is a more forceful reality. All under pressure from attorney John Morgan, who seeks to include him on the next 2020 ballot.

Currently, the 766.200 signatures that are necessary for voters to decide if they will increase the salary for the following year have already been collected, it only remains to wait for the Supreme Court to make the decision on whether or not to put it on the ballot. This lawyer, owner of a renowned law firm commanded by his wife, has won this type of demand on several occasions, being the inclusion in the ballot of the year 2016 the legalization of medical marijuana.

At least seven states and Washington DC have voted to raise the minimum wage from $7.25 an hour to $15. At the beginning of the current year, the House of Representatives made up of Democratic representatives and a Republican would have approved this increase, however it has not been accepted by the Senate at the moment. Despite this, there are at least 29 states added to the District of Colombia that have a minimum wage higher than the federal level. Florida is one of them at $8.46 a day.

If approved, the wage floor would reportedly rise to $10 an hour in September 2021, while the $1 annual increase would bring the cap to $15 by 2026, rising in tandem with inflation. However, many of the business groups in Florida do not agree with the measure because it could lead to loss of business.

Also, the polls give rise to the fact that in Florida the minimum wage increase is supported. One of them is the one carried out by Quinnipiac University, where about 76% of the people surveyed said yes, while another 20% said no. In another, 43% of voters support a wage increase, although with a price lower than $15 an hour, while 45% say they support an increase at that price or higher.

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