In these days that a pandemic is plaguing the entire world, a huge number of unemployed because to avoid contagion you must be at home, which caused the closure of various sources of work. Now Miami-Dade offers new opportunities.

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Miami Dade College in Hialeah organize a virtual fair by Internet  this Thursday, April 23, at 6 pm, which could help many people who are unemployed, reported

Jobs are places in Publix Supermarkets, such as cashiers, support staff in some departments and administrative staff.

The objective of making the offer through the networks is to comply with the order to "maintain social distancing" and avoid spreading the Wuhan coronavirus. thus Miami-Dade CollegePublix collaborate with the inhabitants of Miami-Dade.

How to participate?

To participate you must have a mobile phone or a computer with access to the web, and enter the following portal

The portal instructions are in English and it is easy to navigate.

The preliminary instructions are:

  • You must first write your first and last name in the box provided on the page. Click on “Join Session” to enter.
  • They ask if it allows you to connect a microphone. Press “yes”
  • They ask if it allows you to connect a camera. Press “yes”
  • Then a box appears that says “Start Tutorial”, which you must touch with the cursor to begin the connection and interview.

It should be noted that one of the recommendations of the organizers is to have your personal data, such as name, surname, postal address and general information about previous jobs, immediately available to you.

If you want more information, you can contact us by this phone number 305-237-8794.

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