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This weekend, the IRS will begin depositing the $1,400 in aid into bank accounts, the White House spokeswoman said. Jen Psaki.

After President Joe Biden will sign the American Rescue Plan into law, the press secretary confirmed that an unspecified number of account holders will be "the first wave" of the expected benefit.

“People can expect to see direct deposits into their bank accounts as early as this weekend”He said.

The president had scheduled the signing of the law for Friday, but this Thursday last minute changes were made to advance as soon as possible with aid to the working class.

Treasury Secretary, Janet Yellen, also announced that the team under his charge is ready to distribute the funds.

"We are ready to get down to work on the implementation of the Rescue Plan measures, including economic impact payments”, He said.

The Treasury Department will also be responsible for distributing child tax credits, funds for struggling renters and homeowners, and support to state, local and tribal governments.

IRS may start next week check and debit card printing. External source

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