There are already a series of allocations that must be scheduled in the new fiscal year that begins on October XNUMX, one of which they are studying is aimed at subsidize rent in the public housing for retirees.

By Miami Diario Newsroom

It was known that in local government will discuss the allocation of $1 million for a new rent subsidy program for retirees who are living in public housing and have not been able to pay the rent increase in Miami-Dade, reported

Last Thursday the program was passed with a 4-1 vote, the only commissioner who opposed the project was Joe Carollo.

Now that budget must go elsewhere final vote which was scheduled for the next September 26, they chose this date because it is the final day before the new fiscal period begins.

The objective of the program is to use the million dollars to cover the increase in rents of retirees living in subsidized homes.

It should be noted that the elderly who live in these homes are people from 62 years, which have a family income less than 60% of Miami-Dade County median income.

Seniors eligible for this program must be reresidents of publicly subsidized housing no code violations and rentals located in federally designated opportunity areas.

The requirements What they must present are valid identification, proof of monthly income, a copy of the rent, and an affidavit indicating that the house they live in is their primary residence.

Those who are selected will receive up to 200 dollars per month for use in increasing leases.

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